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Landscap-e is an electronic newsletter issued by the Landscape Observatory and containing reference information on landscape in Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the world. It includes news on the Landscape Observatory itself, important developments on landscape, new documents and regulations, bibliographic references, websites of interest, articles published in the print media, a calendar of activities, seminars and conferences, among other information.


Landscap-e num. 81 (Abril-juny 2024)
Newsletter Archive
Landscap-e num. 81 (Abril-juny 2024)
Observer: Riccardo Priore. "Back to the Convention"
Landscap-e num. 80 (January-March 2024)
Observer: Ariadna Rodríguez i Iñaki Álvarez. "Invisible Geographies"
Landscap-e num. 79 (October-December 2023)
Observer: Marina Cervera. "The poetics of remediation"
Landscap-e num. 78 (July-Septembre 2023)
Observer: Silvia Fernández Cacho. "As perceived by the population… beyond the senses"
Landscap-e num. 77 (April-June 2023)
Observer: Jean Marc Besse . "Inhabiting the landscape"
Landscap-e num. 76 (January-March 2023)
Observer: Gilles Rudaz. "The importance of social indicators in landscape monitoring"
Landscap-e num. 75 (October-December 2022)
Observer: Sílvia Calvó Armengol. "Andorra's new national landscape strategy "
Landscap-e num. 74 (July-Septembre 2022)
Observer: José Tito Rojo. "When she woke up, the garden was still there"
Landscap-e num. 73 (April-June 2022)
Observer: Clara Garí. "Walking: landscape as an attitude"
Landscap-e num. 72 (January-March 2022)
Observer: Valerià Paül. "Border Landscapes"
Landscap-e num. 71 (October-December 2021)
Observer: Amy Strecker . "Landscape and Legal Identity"
Landscap-e num. 70 (July-Septembre 2021)
Observer: Anna Lambertini. "Putting everyday landscapes into play"
Landscap-e num. 69 (April-June 2021)
Observer: Emilio Iranzo. "The University of Valencia Chair for Citizen Engagement and Valencian Landscapes: a keystone of the Valencian Community's landscape policy"
Landscap-e num. 68 (January-March 2021)
Observer: Jean-Pierre Thibault. "Sustainable energy production in post-oil landscapes"
Landscap-e num. 67 (October-December 2020)
Observer: Tessa Matteini. "Cultivating continuity of the European Landscape"
Landscap-e num. 66 (July-September 2020)
Observer: Lucas Períes. "The immensity of the landscape"
Landscap-e num. 65 (April-June 2020)
Observer: Maguelonne Déjeant-Pons. "15th anniversary of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia"
Landscap-e num. 64 (January-March 2020)
Observer: Henk Baas. "The Dutch approach "
Landscap-e num. 63 (October-December 2019)
Observer: Josep Oliveras Samitier . "A map for understanding and planning with the landscape reality of Catalonia "
Landscap-e num. 62 (July-Septembre 2019)
Observer: Clelia Maria Puzzo. "Dynamic Conservation of Traditional Agricultural Landscapes: The Challenge of the FAO's GIAHS programme"
Landscap-e num. 61 (April-June 2019)
Observer: Marta García Carbonero. "Final Resting Places: A needed visibility"
Landscap-e num. 60 (January-March 2019)
Observer: Gilles Tiberghien. "Cabins, a vital space"
Landscap-e num. 59 (October-December 2018)
Observer: Diana Wiesner Ceballos. "The Cerros, City Catalysers"
Landscap-e num. 58 (July-Septembre 2018)
Observer: Luc-Emile Bouche-Florin . "We are the landscape people"
Landscap-e num. 57 (April-June 2018)
Observer: Agustí Serra. "Integrating Landscape Throughout Land Planning"
Landscap-e num. 56 (January-March 2018)
Observer: Francesc Serés. "Local landscape, global landscape"
Landscap-e num. 55 (October-December 2017)
Observer: Clara Nubiola. "Photography and landscape"
Landscap-e num. 54 (July-Septembre 2017)
Observer: Roberto Mulieri. "The right to landscape in Latin America"
Landscap-e num. 52 (January-March 2017)
Observer: Maria Gabriella Trovato. "New geographies in the Mediterranean landscape"
Landscap-e num. 51 (October-December 2016)
Observer: Francesco Vallerani . "Water identity and memories of water as instruments of the Government of the territory"
Landscap-e num. 50 (July-Septembre 2016)
Observer: Jaume Perarnau i Llorens. "Road and transport landscape. Intangible heritage of industrial society"
Landscap-e num. 49 (April-June 2016)
Observer: Bassima Khatib. "Hima: A Methodology for Local Involvement in Distinctive Landscape Management"
Landscap-e num. 48 (January-March 2016)
Observer: Marta Tafalla. "Preserving Landscapes "
Landscap-e num. 47 (October-December 2015)
Observer: Artemis Yiordamli. " The European Landscape Convention goes east, beyond Europe"
Landscap-e num. 46 (July-Septembre 2015)
Observer: Josep M. Corominas i Barnadas. "Landscape: Identity and Memory"
Landscap-e num. 45 (May-June 2015)
Observer: Laurens Bockemühl. "Developing Living Landscapes"
Landscap-e num. 44 (January-March 2015)
Observer: Joan Nogué. "Ten years!"
Landscap-e num. 43 (October-December 2014)
Observer: Montse Guiu. "Water and cinema"
Landscap-e num. 42 (July-Septembre 2014)
Observer: Simon Bell. "Landscapes in flux: the Baltic states"
Landscap-e num. 41 (April-June 2014)
Observer: Ingrid Sarlöv Herlin. "The Landscape Observatory of Scania in Southern Sweden - Ingrid Sarlöv Herlin"
Landscap-e num. 40 (January-March 2014)
Observer: Carmen Añón. "Gardens, landscapes and responsibility"
Landscap-e num. 39 (October-December 2013)
Observer: Carme Montaner. "Cartography and landscape"
Landscap-e num. 38 (July-Septembre 2013)
Observer: Santi Vila i Vicente. "Identity-shaping landscapes"
Landscap-e num. 37 (April-June 2013)
Observer: Francesc Camp. "Andorra's National Landscape Strategy"
Landscap-e num. 36 (January-March 2013)
Observer: Joan Roca i Albert . "Modern presses, industrial landscapes"
Landscap-e num. 35 (October-December 2012)
Observer: Francesco Careri. "Chronos' space"
Landscap-e num. 34 (July-Septembre 2012)
Observer: Jordi Sargatal. "Slow Food and Living Landscapes"
Landscap-e num. 33 (April-June 2012)
Observer: Mónica Luengo. "Happy Anniversary?"
Landscap-e num. 32 (January-March 2012)
Observer: Marco Tamaro. "Agrarian landscapes without farmers"
Landscap-e num. 31 (October-December 2011)
Observer: Federico L. Silvestre. "What is Landscape Theory For?"
Landscap-e num. 30 (July-Septembre 2011)
Observer: Jordi Pietx. "Land stewardship: reflections in a time of crisis"
Landscap-e num. 29 (May-June 2011)
Observer: Martí Boada. "Dry-Stone Walls: Living Walls"
Landscap-e num. 28 (March-April 2011)
Observer: Yves Luginbühl. "International Conference: Landscape of Everyday Life"
Landscap-e num. 27 (January-February 2011)
Observer: Tom Bloemers. "A European Landscape Research Policy"
Landscap-e num. 26 (November-December 2010)
Observer: Toni Sala. "Peripheral Landscape"
Landscap-e num. 25 (September-October 2010)
Observer: Mireille Deconinck. "Ten years of the European Landscape Convention. Balancing knowledge, management and awareness is possible"
Landscap-e num. 24 (July-August 2010)
Observer: Josep Cerdà i Ferrer. "Soundscapes"
Landscap-e num. 23 (May-June 2010)
Observer: Sitesize. "Landscape for participation"
Landscap-e num. 22 (March-April 2010)
Observer: Joan Nogué. "Five years!"
Landscap-e num. 21 (January-February 2010)
Observer: Rafael Mata Olmo. "Ten years of the European Landscape Convention: Ordenació i gestió del paisatge a Europa"
Landscap-e num. 20 (November-December 2009)
Observer: Luciano Sánchez Pérez-Moneo. "The Cultural landscapes and gardens"
Landscap-e num. 19 (September-October 2009)
Observer: Benedetta Castiglioni. "Landscape and education"
Landscap-e num. 18 (July-August 2009)
Observer: Miquel Rafa. "Reflections on Landscape and Nature Conservation"
Landscap-e num. 17 (May-June 2009)
Observer: Jose Manuel Vidal. "Published Landscapes"
Landscap-e num. 16 (March-April 2009)
Observer: Ramon Folch. "Landscape and communication"
Landscap-e num. 15 (January-February 2009)
Observer: Terry O'Regan. "Stolen Landscape!"
Landscap-e num. 14 (November-December 2008)
Observer: Marina Geli. "Landscape and health"
Landscap-e num. 13 (September-October 2008)
Observer: Gareth Roberts. "Implementing the European Landscape Convention. How are we doing?"
Landscap-e num. 12 (July-August 2008)
Observer: Biel Mesquida. "Greenness is landscape"
Landscap-e num. 11 (May-June 2008)
Observer: Joan Ganyet. "Landscape quality objectives and landscape directives"
Landscap-e num. 10 (March-April 2008)
Observer: Bas Pedroli. "Imagine..."
Landscap-e num. 9 (January-February 2008)
Observer: Mikael Jakob. "Imaginary landscape"
Landscap-e num. 8 (November-December 2007)
Observer: Jean-François Seguin. "The landscape and its indicators"
Landscap-e num. 7 (September-October 2007)
Observer: Daniela Colafranceschi. "Mediterranean landscapes: a view from the south of Italy"
Landscap-e num. 6 (July-August 2007)
Observer: Margarita Ortega. "Ratification of the European Landscape Convention: an opportunity"
Landscap-e num. 5 (May-June 2007)
Observer: Joaquim Brugué. "Participation is not ornamental"
Landscap-e num. 4 (March-April 2007)
Observer: Graham Fairclough. "An archaeologist's landscape"
Landscap-e num. 3 (January-February 2007)
Observer: Martha Cecilia Fajardo. "Landscape Architecture Challenges"
Landscap-e num. 2 (November-December 2006)
Observer: Maguelonne DÉJEANT-PONS. "5th WORKSHOPS MEETING FOR THE APPLICATION OF THE EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE CONVENTION. Landscape quality objectives: from theory to practice."
Landscap-e num. 1 (September-October 2006)
Observer: Riccardo Priore. "Towards a network of European regions for the implementation of landscape policies"

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