Landscape and education

Landscape and education

With the purpose to enhance the knowledge of Catalan landscape heritage and raise students' awareness to the need to preserve landscape values and understand the action of humans on natural surroundings, the Landscape Observatory receives different groups of students, participates in seminars and workshops and promotes several initiatives such as project City, Territory and Landscape, the seminar about Landscape and Education or the book with the same name, which includes the results of this seminar.

City, Territory, Landscape

This project is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Land and Sustainability and the Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia and the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, and is aimed at secondary school students and teachers in Catalonia.

It is an interdisciplinary initiative which offers the chance to work on the natural and human elements of the territory in a comprehensive manner and from the observation of specific, real landscapes, subject to very modern changes and problems. There are two elements to the didactic materials:

1. Folder with 12 panoramic wall charts

Wall charts representing the diversity of the Catalan landscapes.


2. Didactic guide to the project and complementary activities

The guide gives tools and guidance on the work with the pupils and on following up and evaluating the results..

In 2011 the project received a special mention in the Council of Europe's Landscape Awards.

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