Landscape and heritage

Landscape and heritage

Landscape currently contributes to an all-encompassing and integrated vision of heritage, which enables us to understand an element of heritage (officially listed or not) as an inextricable part of the whole, and not just an isolated artefact. Thus, heritage is contextualised as part of a landscape, which helps to make sense of it and explain its purpose. In parallel, the concepts of heritage and landscape have taken on a more common and plural dimension, implying shared responsibilities, where society plays an increasingly significant role in emphasising the value of heritage as part of a particular artefact or landscape.

The heritage dimension of landscape provides important information for its planning and management, as well as its economic development on a local level. It is also a powerful mechanism for raising citizen awareness. Conscious of these issues, the Observatory promotes a range of initiatives to strengthen the value of landscape in this regard and orientate the work of authorities, organisations and citizens. These initiatives include historic landscape characterisation and the Wikipedra project.

Carreteres, paisatge i turisme. Bases per a la definició d’un model per a Catalunya

Document elaborated in collaboration with the Directorate-General for Tourism of the Ministry of Business and Knowledge, with the aim of defining a model for Catalonia that relates roads, landscape and tourism.

Els últims paisatges

Project elaborated in collaboration with the Coemeterium Association, that makes an inventory of the cemeteries of Catalonia as a landscape heritage.


2.0 web space on the dry stone huts, cabins and orreries in Catalonia and the French Cerdagne.

Col·labora x paisatge

Cooperation project developed within the framework of European grants LEADER. It is coordinated by the local action group ADRINOC in collaboration with the Landscape Observatory and aims to value the landscape heritage of traditional dry stone architecture.

PaHisCat. Paisatge Històric de Catalunya

Pilot project on the evolution of landscape. It aims to decipher and diffuse traces of the past that are visible in four different landscapes and in the Priorat county in Catalonia.

Moltes ruralitats, molts paisatges

Collaboration of the Observatory with the MOT literature festival, in the 2022 edition entitled "In the countryside. Literature and rurality". A video was projected with photographs from the Image Archive and other contributions, which sought to confront the viewer with the image they have of rurality.

Thematic dossiers

Digital dossiers that gather, classify and make available all the information that can be found on the Web on several landscape-related topics, as well as projects, bodies and institutions belonging to this area.

Publications on heritage