What is the Landscape Observatory

What is the Landscape Observatory

The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia is an advisory body of the Government of Catalonia and Catalan society in general on matters of landscape.


The Observatory is the place where theoretical reflection and practical application meet at the service of landscape protection, management and planning policies. It is a shared, open and receptive meeting point, halfway between civil society, the administration and the academic and professional sectors in everything related to landscape culture.

The Observatory is organised in the form of a consortium, is attached to the Department of Territory of the Government of Catalonia and is included in the Llei de protecció, gestió i ordenació del paisatge de Catalunya, which follows the principles of the European Landscape Convention. It was legally constituted on the 30th of November 2004 and its statutes were published in the DOGC (Resolution PTO/3386/2004).

'Quinze anys': reflections on the Observatory's journey