Video library

Video library

The landscape belongs to everyone

A video produced by the Observatori del Paisatge and made by Zeba productions. Illustrations: Roser Matas and Marian Vayreda. Lighting: Gemma Ibars. Voiceover: Neus Asín

Videos of the television program "Paisatges encreuats"

Link to the videos of the program "Paisatges encreuats", produced by Olot Televisió with the advice of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, and broadcast by the Local Television Network between 2018 and 2023. The series, of 155 episodes, focuses on the 134 landscapes of Catalonia (carried out by the Observatory) and their main landscape singularities.

Videos of the workshops organized by the Observatory

Compilation of the videos of the different lectures that have been held at the workshops, seminars and courses organised by the Landscape Observatory since 2015.