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Arrels. conreu de sabers
Website promoted by the Foundation of the Rural World, which aims to facilitate the collection and dissemination of traditional knowledge of Catalan rural culture, and create a platform to centralize and bring together the experiences and initiatives engaged in this field in Catalan ambit.
Fundació Agroterritori
This foundation has been created by the University of Girona, the Unió de Pagesos (Farmers' Union) and the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action with the aim of encouraging the preservation, development and management of agrarian spaces by studying them, defining proposals and promoting education, debate and initiatives aimed at fulfilling this objective.
Institució Catalana d'Història Natural (ICHN)
A scientific society, active since 1899, filial of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies), whose purpose is to promote the study and dissemination of knowledge referring to living beings and natural systems.
Oficina del paisatge del COAC
Department of the Catalan College of Architects in charge of organising the European Landscape Biennial, that also manages, together with the Landscape Observatory, other in-house projects, such as courses and lectures on landscape.
Association aimed at the study, dissemination and promotion of the spiritual and intangible cultural heritage, specially in relation to nature conservation.
Societat Catalana d'Ordenació del Territori (SCOT)
Filial society of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies) which promotes research, discussion and analysis on theoretical aspects of spatial planning and regional science, their possibilities of application, and the effects of the instruments and measures of spatial planning on the landscape. It has awarded the Premi Catalunya d'Urbanisme (Catalan Urban Planning Prize) annually since 1998.
Societat Catalana de Geografia
Filial society of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies) centred on geographical studies in all their ambits. It publishes the six-monthly academic magazine Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Geografia. In the section entitled ‘Miscel·lània' (Miscellaneous) there are often references to landscape.
Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori (XCT)
Organisation which, since 2003, has encouraged the development and use of the custody of Catalan land as an instrument to preserve nature, landscape and cultural heritage. It advises owners who wish to manage their properties while preserving their values and resources. The website has a complete resources center on the custody of land.
Xarxa de Parcs Naturals de la Diputació de Barcelona
Information on the natural, landscape, ecological and cultural values of the 12 parks managed by the Natural Areas Department of Barcelona Provincial Government, and the activities undertaken in these places.


Fundación Fernández González Bernáldez
Non-profit-making foundation formed in 1996 as an initiative of the Departamento Interuniversitario de Ecología (Inter-University Department of Ecology) of the public universities of Madrid, with the aim of carrying out activities of investigation, training, promotion and dissemination activities on the functions of natural areas and environmental improvement. One of the fields of research is the perception of landscape.
Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico
Andalusian Institute that works to raise awareness about rural and urban cultural landscapes with great value and to develop guidelines for their analysis, protection, intervention and use.
Instituto del Paisaje. Fundación Duques de Soria
Institute created in 1999 by the Foundación Duques de Soria. The institute''s summer courses held in Sòria every year are well known and have landscape as the central theme. The institute has a collection of texts on landscape, most of which have come out of the summer courses.
Observatorio del Paisaje de Canarias
Initiative fostered by the Department of Culture of the Canary Islands Government, through the Biennial of Architecture, Art and Landscape, focused on implementing the European Landscape Convention in its territory.


Společnost Pro Zahradní A Krajinářskou Tvorbu, Občanské Sdružení
This is an association that was set up in 1990 for the purpose of coordinating endeavours in promoting landscape gardening and the landscape as a branch of architecture, and establishing cooperation with the government authorities with a view to improving the quality of public green spaces.


An association for safeguarding the heritage and environment of Cambrai. The website covers all the heritage of the region that is felt to be of interest classified as public, private and landscape-related heritage.
Conservatoire international des parcs et jardins et du paysage Chaumont-sur-Loire
Institution devoted to research, teaching and the creation of gardens and landscapes, created in 1992 by the initiative of the Région Centre with the support of the Ministère de la Culture i del Conseil Général du Loir-et-Cher (Ministry of Culture and General Council of Loir-et-Cher). The website offers the opportunity to make a virtual visit to the park at Chaumont-sur-Loire
Fédération nationale des associations du patrimoine et des paysages (FNASSEM)
Founded in 1967 by Henry de Ségogne to sensitise public opinion on the need to protect the French heritage. It groups together French associations for the defence of heritage and landscape. The website presents a yearbook of around 2,000 associations and a section devoted to the French heritage under threat.
Paysages de France
An association that was created in 1992 to analyse and denounce landscape impacts and visual pollution appearing in urban and non-urban landscapes, including maritime landscapes. The association publishes a bulletin, ‘Action Paysage', that is available through its website.
Séminaire Robert Auzelle
Association for the promotion of urban art. There is an illustrated vocabulary of urban art (in French and English) on the website which gives definitions, in an instructive way, on various aspects of a city.
Société pour la Protection des Paysages et de l'Esthétique de la France (SPPEF)
An association whose objective is to preserve, manage and spread awareness of the natural and man-made heritage deemed to be of general interest. Its work covers everything from prehistoric heritage to modern architecture, from rural landscape to green spaces, and from mountains to coast.


Bund Heimat und Umwelt (BHU)
German association founded in 1904 with the aim of appreciating and protecting cultural landscapes and the people who form part of these landscapes, and involving the local population in the improvement of their environment.


Irish Landscape Institute
Professional body representing landscape professionals in Ireland. It was founded in 1992 and it publishes a magazine that can be downloaded from its website.
Landscape Alliance Ireland
Association formed of individuals, NGOs and representatives of public bodies to preserve and improve the quality of urban, suburban and rural Irish landscapes. The website is full of quotations from authors on various aspects of the Irish landscape.


Associazione Italiana per il Recupero Unitario delle Realtà Agricole e dei Luoghi (R.U.R.A.L.I.A.)
Italian association founded in 1998 by a group of professionals and scholars from different cultural ambits. It works on recovering traditional rural architecture in the landscape. It has prepared a manifesto for the knowledge, valuing and preservation of the rural and landscape heritage.
Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
Foundation set up in 1987 for the study and management of the landscape in the Veneto region and the rest of the world, especially Europe and the Mediterranean area. Organizes seminars, courses, landscape workshops and study trips.
Osservatorio del Paesaggio per il Monferrato e l'Astigiano
Association formed by administrations, associations and groups sensitive to landscape in the area of Astigiano and Monferrato. The observatory is working on preparing the Carta del paesaggio del Monferrato e dell'Astigiano (Monferrato and Astigiano Landscape Charter).
Osservatorio Regionale del Paesaggio de la Toscana
Technical, scientific and propositional instrument to support regional policies in defense of the territorial heritage of the Tuscany Region.


Het Utrechts Landschap
Foundation for the preservation of nature, created in 1927, which works to maintain large green zones close to residential areas and protect them against development and industrialisation. It now owns 70 nature reserves and has branches in each of the 12 Dutch lands.
Landschapsbeheer Nederland
Association for landscape management. It has a bookshop on landscape themes. Here one can find information on plans for development of the landscape and other landscape studies in the municipal ambit, in Dutch.


Landskapsobservatorium Västra Götaland
Landscape Observatory of Västra Götaland


Fondation suisse pour la protection et l'aménagement du paysage
Foundation created in 1970 by Pro Natura, the Heimatschutz Svizzera (Swiss League for the Natural Heritage), ASPAN (Swiss Association for National Management Plans), CAS (Swiss Alpine Club) and the Fédération Suisse du Tourisme (Swiss Tourism Federation). It works to preserve and promote the natural and cultural values of the landscape. It has published Les paysages en terrasses du Piémont et de la Suisse.
Fons Landschaft Schweiz (FLS-FSP-FSC)
Swiss landscape fund created by the Swiss parliament on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the Confederation in 1991. The fund is dedicated to safeguarding and managing traditional rural landscapes. There is access to the latest issues of the newsletter on the website (in PDF format).
Pro Natura
Organisation founded in 1909 in order to contribute to the preservation of the natural areas in Switzerland.


Landscape Institute
Institute for British landscape architects which works with the government to improve the planning, design and management of urban and rural landscape.
Royal Horticultural Society
Society created in 1804. It publishes guides on the four gardens that it owns. The website gives information on its own gardens and resources and advice on gardening.
Thames Landscape Strategy
Sub-regional association concerned with appreciation and conservation of the stretch of river known as the Arcadian Thames, running between Hampton and Kew in the west of the greater London area.
The Belfast Hills Partnership (BHP)
Independent association seeking to improve the management of the Belfast Hills, comprising local councils, government departments, nature conservation organisations and businesses committed to caring for the hills and their people.
The Cockburn Association
Association created in 1875 to safeguard the architectural heritage and green spaces of Edinburgh. They work for maintenance and the creation of new green spaces, the restoration of spaces and improvements in their design.
The Garden History Society
Well-known British society which works to promote the study of gardening, landscape gardening, horticulture, the preservation of historic parks and gardens, and the creation of new areas with these characteristics.
The National Trust
Organisation founded in 1895 which acquires land in order to preserve it and protect natural and cultural values (including buildings).
The Royal Parks
Information on eight London gardens managed by the Royal Parks, an agency of the Ministry of Culture, Environment and Sport of the central government. The page offers many resources and there is an important section on publications, a description of each of the parks and a schedule of activities.


Instituto de Gestión de Ciudades (IGC)
Team of professionals in private and academic activity devoted to the design, planning and implementation of urban policies and projects. Among its programmes is the so-called Inclusive City, which promotes debate among local actors to encourage social inclusion and environmental sustainability by means of urban public policies.


Paysages estriens. Comité du patrimoine paysager estrien
Non-profit-making body created in 2001 in the context of a forum of financial, social and institutional agents, which works to protect the heritage and landscape, understood as key factors for economic, cultural and tourist development. Here one can consult a study of the landscape of L’Estrie and another study, much more complete and illustrated, of the area of Le Granit.


Corporación Patrimonio y Paisaje
This not-for-profit organisation consists of a multidisciplinary group of professionals, researchers and university professors. Its aim is to work holistically on landscape and ensure that it is included in public policies. The organisation has created three citizens' observatories to create an inventory of Santiago's (Chile) plant and urban patrimony as well as the residual spaces to encourage their conversion into quality public spaces.


Fundación Cerros de Bogotá
Foundation aiming at suggesting, supporting and implementing initiatives for the recovery and restoration of the lower slopes of the hills east of Bogotá.


Centre for Architectural Conservation (RIWAQ)
Non-profit-making association which has been working since June 1991 for the protection of the cultural, architectural and natural heritage of Palestine.


Scenic America
Association dedicated to conserving and enhancing the landscape and the visual character of U.S. communities and countryside.
The Cultural Landscape Foundation
Non-profit-making foundation which works to increase public awareness on the importance of the legacy of cultural landscapes, so as to preserve the heritage for future generations.


Platform formed by NGOs from all around Europe. Its main objective is to contribute the views of civil society in the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. This initiative came from the Landscape Manifesto Group of The Netherlands, which works to promote international cooperation in matters of landscape.
Europa Nostra
European Federation for the preservation of cultural heritage and landscape, founded in 1963 by a group of NGOs, headed by Italia Nostra. It is located in the office of the Council of Europe in Paris. Every year it organises the event European Heritage Awards and there are photographs of the winners in previous years on the website. There are also various initiatives in defence of the most threatened cultural heritage.
European Council for the Village and Small Town (ECOVAST)
European association which has worked since 1984 to improve the quality of life in rural areas of Europe and to preserve their heritage.
European Network of Universities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention
Network created by a group of universities from around Europe in order to exchange experiences.
University network with the objective of stimulating scientific cooperation in matters of training and research among European universities interested in the European Landscape Convention. The network, created on the initiative of the IUAV university in Venice and the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, now includes more than 30 universities from various European countries.
International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
Papers from the 14th General Assembly of ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites), held at Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), from 27th to 31st October 2003, centred on the preservation of intangible heritage values.
IUCN - The World Conservation Union
The largest network in the world for the preservation of nature. Works to preserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources.
Latin American Landscape Initiative
Latin American network based on the LALI declaration of ethical principles to encourage recognising, valuing, protecting, managing and planning Latin American landscapes by promoting projects and agreements.
UNESCO – The MAB Program
UNESCO programme promoting, from natural and social ambits, the preservation and sustainable use of the planet''s biological diversity. Promotes research and involvement of scientists and governments in the protection of biodiversity. Created the figure of the Biosphere Reserve as a place internationally recognised for its natural values.

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