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76. January-March 23
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

The importance of social indicators in landscape monitoring

Gilles Rudaz
Policy advisor of Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. Biodiversity and Landscape Division. Landscape Policy Section

Landscape monitoring is a useful tool for policy makers, as it provides information on the state of the landscape and its evolution. Such a task could be based on Article 6c of the Council of Europe Landscape Convention (ELC), which states that “each Party undertakes to analyse the characteristics [of their landscapes] and the forces and pressures transforming them" and "to take note of changes".[+]
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Presentation of the Map of the new National Landscape Strategy of Andorra, coordinated by the Observatory
On 13 December, the Andorran Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability presented the Map of the new National Landscape Strategy of Andorra (ENPA), coordinated by the Landscape Observatory, at La Farga Rossell in La Massana. The Map is the outcome of a major exercise in innovation and imagination to ensure that Andorran landscapes remain at the centre of planning and action. A comprehensive participation process, which has involved the Andorran government, all seven Communes, Andorran organisations and the general public, has paved the way for defining and mapping consensually the new National Strategy's 4 principles, 7 landscape quality objectives and 28 priority areas of action and, at the same time, it has enabled new forms of active education to be trialled that have helped raise collective awareness of the landscape. [+]
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The lectures given at the International Seminar 'Creative Landscapes' have been published
The third volume of the collection Theory and Landscape, co-published with Pompeu Fabra University, is now available in digital format, with the lectures included in the seminar held on 16 and 17 June 2021 and entitled Creative Landscapes. Art and reinventing places. It encompasses a broad range of initiatives, rooted in specific locations, that address our relationship with, awareness of and action on the territory through artistic practice. With this publication, both this volume and the two previous volumes have also been printed on paper. All three volumes can be downloaded in full from the Observatory website.
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The videos of the seminar 'Ruins and Wasteland' are now available
The videos of the talks given at the International Seminar "Ruins and Wasteland", held from 27 to 29 September 2022 at Morille (Salamanca), are now available for viewing. This seminar focused reflection on abandoned landscapes destroyed by capitalism. It provided a meeting space in which researchers from different disciplines could reflect together on the ideas of ruin, edge, destruction and restoration. The meeting was organised within the framework of the national research project "Landscapes and architectures of error. A counter-history of landscape in Latin Europe (1945-2020)", with the support of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, Morille Town Council, Salamanca Provincial Council and the Morille Art Cemetery (Mausoleum-Museum). A book is currently being prepared that will contain all the talks given at the Seminar.
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The new energy landscapes
The transition towards new energy sources not only promises a radical regional transformation but also opens the door to other management models with locally based distribution of energy generation. The new emerging geographical and socio-economic energy landscapes were analysed at the seminar "The new energy landscapes", organised on 4 and 5 November 2022 by the Centre d’Estudis Comarcals de Banyoles (Banyoles Centre for Local Studies) as part of the 28th Autumn Colloquium. The lecture given by the Landscape Observatory's director proposed criteria for adequate integration of these infrastructures in the landscape. The seminar was supported by Girona Provincial Council, the Ramon Muntaner Institute, the University of Girona Social Council, and Banyoles Town Council, with the cooperation of the Museums of Banyoles. All of the lectures can be viewed on the Centre d’Estudis Comarcals de Banyoles YouTube channel.
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Symposium on Cultural Landscapes and Social Perception
Held on 30 November and 1 December 2022 in Seville, the International Symposium "Cultural Landscapes and Social Perception" closed the project Landscape and Society. Analysis of social perception in cultural landscapes (PAYSOC). Specialists in various disciplines from Italy, France, Portugal and Spain, among them the Landscape Observatory's director, took part in the symposium. Between them, they provided an overview of the state of the art of the symposium's theme, and discussed the main advances and challenges for including social perception in landscape research and management. Videos' available here.
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Conclusion of the European project SavingScapes
The European project SavingScapes has ended with a meeting between partners in Finland. Held in November 2022, the meeting reviewed the results all the actions undertaken since the project began, in 2019. The goal pursued by all of these actions has been to improve awareness of landscape and landscape governance through innovative learning activities carried out in the universities. The Observatory's involvement as a partner has been focused above all on three actions: develop an innovative citizen science tool; create an online course on landscape, participation instruments and future scenario modelling, available on the University of Eastern Finland website; and organise the Learning Lab, held last September in Torroella de Montgrí.
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The 3rd LALI Symposium on proximity landscapes
The 3rd LALI Symposium 'Feeling and Thinking the Landscape' was held from 10 to 13 November 2022 at the Atchugarry Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA) in Manantiales (Uruguay). It was organised by the Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI) and the Autonomous Metropolitan University Azcapotzalco Unit with the support of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia. Hosting speakers and participants from a number of Latin American countries, the 3rd Symposium focused on proximity landscapes, those that are produced by local territorial gazes, mundane environments, and which comprise an asset for the future. The Observatory's director, Pere Sala, gave a lecture entitled "Managing and ordering proximity landscapes".
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The Landscape Observatory invited to the Technical Seminar on Cultural Landscape, held in Madrid
The Ministry of Culture and Sport's General Subdirectorate of Management and Coordination of Cultural Assets invited the Landscape Observatory to take part in the 1st Technical Seminar on Cultural Landscape: "Challenges in the 21st century for a complex heritage typology", which was held last November in Madrid. The seminar's goal was to draft a diagnosis on the value of cultural landscapes from the contributions made by various experts and define the lines of work that should be followed to create a landscape culture. The document will be submitted to the Historical Heritage Council. Over two days, an expert from the Landscape Observatory took part in the debate panel "Education on heritage and dissemination of the cultural landscape".
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'What landscapes scare you?'
Once again, the Observatory will collaborate with the MOT literature festival, which will be held from 16 to 25 March in Girona and Olot. This year's title is "Panic, literature and fear" and it seeks to explore the fears that concern us as a society, through their expression in literature. Landscape is not immune to this emotion, but not everyone fears the same landscapes. Accordingly, a popular appeal has been made to contribute photographs of landscapes that awaken fear in us. The photographs should be sent to centre.documentacio@catpaisatge.net. All of the images received will be projected on the screens in the Marià Vayreda library in Olot and in the lobby of the Carles Rahola Library in Girona. [+]
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Donations by Sara Boldú and Brian Rosa to the Observatory's Image Archive
The Landscape Observatory's Image Archive received two donations in 2022. Artist Sara Boldú Botam donated more than 50 photographs of dry stone huts. She started by recording farming activity with a drone and turned it into an exhibition and a website called Artists with tractor. The second donation consists of more than 60 photographs taken by the North American urban planner and geographer Brian Rosa. The images come from the exhibition "Industrial obelisks. Chimneys /BCN" in which photography was used as an instrument for revealing spatial processes and social relations in the city and encouraging both individual reflection and citizen dialogue. The images showed the factory chimneys that are preserved in Barcelona and invited people to reflect on their meaning and significance. The photographs can be viewed on the Images Archive.
Territoris pel Paisatge
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New meeting of Territories for Landscape at El Priorat
On 26 October 2022, a meeting was held to share local landscape managing and planning experiences within the framework of the Territories for Landscape working group. The meeting was organised by Priorat Regional Council and the Landscape Observatory, with the support of the entity Prioritat. The meeting was held at Falset Castle and was attended by 45 political and technical representatives from local landscape initiatives in Catalonia (Alt Empordà, Conca de Barberà, Garrigues, Priorat, Terra Alta, etc.), and 3 representatives from institutions in Majorca and Andorra that are promoting landscape projects. [+]
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'Return to Nature'
This Webdoc, of Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, dives into different life stories that invite us to rethink our relationship with nature.
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Itineraris literaris autoguiats
Web platform with the digital version of the literary itineraries prepared by the Chair of Literary Heritage throughout its history, which allows users to navigate through the territory and literature with the guiding thread of the landscape and the authors who have described it.
Arxiu d'Imatges Proximity landscapes
Pol ViladomsJordi BasJuliana Maridani
Joaquim PueyoObservatori del PaisatgeXavier Mateu
Mireia Solé VerdésOriol RosellAriadna Lucenas
Omar ZbariJuliette LemerleBrian Rosa
Gerardo CastroJoan SotillosJordi Grau
Luis DelgadoObservatori del PaisatgeZhulian Valeriev Ivanov
Paisatges vius i viscuts
Monographic of the journal Vallesos. Gent Terra i patrimoni, núm. 24 hivern-primavera 2022/2023.

The latest issue of the journal Vallesos devotes its centre pages to discussing the importance of landscape and the landscape diversity of the Vallès region, expressed by different voices and viewed through different prisms. It also includes an interview with the Landscape Observatory's director, Pere Sala i Martí.
Nit de pedra seca
Francina Cirera i Ricard Espelt. Copons: inLoft. ISBN: 978-84-09-44805-0.

The ease with which dry stone constructions, even when disfigured by lack of maintenance, are able to integrate harmoniously in the environment means that they often go unnoticed or insufficiently noticed. The book is an invitation to approach these ancestral constructions through art and propose new gazes. The foreword has been written by the Observatory's director, Pere Sala i Martí, and the book also includes a conversation with one of the Observatory's technical experts, Jordi Grau.
Aménager les territoires du bien-être
Jean-Pierre Thibault. [S.l.]: Paysages de l’aprés-pétrole; Editions Le Moniteur, 2022. ISBN: 978-2-281-14603-5.

The publication highlights best practices in landscaping with the goal of optimising the population's well-being, health and quality of life. It advocates the idea that landscape should not be reduced to its aesthetic aspects but its development should also be viewed holistically to benefit health and sustainable development policies.
Paesaggio Europa: linee guida per l'attuazine della Convenzione europea del paesaggio
Daniela Colafranceschi; Gabriele Paolinelli  (coords.). Roma: Habitus IASLA, 2022. ISBN: 978-88-6548-443-2.

Twenty years after the signature of the European Landscape Convention, the Italian Scientific Society of Landscape Architecture provides a translation of Recommendation CM/Rec (2008) 3, opening it to comparisons and considerations both by the scientific community and by public administrations, with the aim of providing guidelines for large and small-scale transformations of ordinary and extraordinary spaces.
Soil as a Landscape Nature, crossings and immersions, new topographies
Luigi Latini; Simonetta Zanon (ed.). Treviso: Fondazione Benetton. ISBN: 978-88-8435-341-2.

A multi-voice publication that compiles the presentations given at the seminar of the same name in 2020, in which fifteen authors reiterate the common thesis that the land has an intrinsic value and is landscape in itself. The land is the physical, social and aesthetic dimension that gives meaning to inhabited places and the feeling of belonging to a landscape and the Earth.
Abriendo territorios y paisajes. Santiago en transición a la cordillera de Los Andes
Cristina Felsenhardt. Providencia: Ediciones Universidad Finis Terrae, 2021. ISBN: 978-956-391-042-1.

The book is an example of how to open the territory to architecture; it outlines the author's vision based on 48 years' experience in teaching, with ideas, principles and methods adapted to relating architectural thinking to the scale of the territory.
Priorat: el gran allunyament = le grand éloignement = el gran alejamiento
Anaïs Boudot i Hervé Siou. Tarragona: Lo Diable Gros. ISBN: 978-84-125645-4-9.

This book takes an original approach to the phenomenon of rural depopulation in the region of El Priorat. It proposes a poetic ramble and a documentary analysis through the combined work of a photographer, Anaïs Boudot, and a historian, Hervé Siou.
Le schéma d'intentions paysagères. Retour d'expériences
Alain Freytet. Conservatoire du litoral, 2022.

A compendium of experiences from numerous projects undertaken by the author in territories managed by the French Coast Conservatory. This publication provides a guide for describing the possible uses and basic principles of the Landscape Intentions Plan, a strategic planning tool that increases public accessibility of the landscape approach and allows participation in landscape design.
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