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63. October-December 19
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

A map for understanding and planning with the landscape reality of Catalonia

Josep Oliveras Samitier
Professor emeritus of Regional Geographic Analysis of Rovira i Virgili University and President of the Catalan Geography Society (IEC)

The map I am contemplating represents the Landscape units of Catalonia on a scale of 1:250,000. It has been edited by the Geologic and Cartographic Institute of Catalonia (Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya) in collaboration with the Landscape Observatory. Looking at the map is a pleasure because of its soft tones, between yellows, ochres and beiges, with boundaries that do not correspond with the administrative units marked by a fine red line.[+]
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Towards a Landscape policy for Slovenia
On October 10th, the "Every Landscape Counts!" Conference took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), organized by the Slovenian Association of Landscape Architects (DKAS) and designed as a platform to launch a discussion on landscape policy. It included the participation of political representatives and technicians from the Ministries of Environment and Spatial Planning and Culture, among other Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian institutions and entities. The Association presented the project "Protecting and Developing Slovenia’s Landscape", which is inspired by the Landscape Policy of Catalonia, and for this reason the director of the Landscape Observatory was invited to make an assessment of its almost fifteen years. [+]
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A delegation from the Territorial Council of the Mallorca Island Council visits the Observatory
On 24 September, a delegation from the Territorial Council of the Mallorca Island Council made up of Miquel Vadell, Insular Regional Director, Luis Corral, Insular Director of Urbanism, Jose Manuel Gómez, Head of the Land Management Legal Service and Jaume Mayans, Architect of the Land Management Service visited the Landscape Observatory. The visit was useful for exchanging knowledge and initiatives as well as exploring future projects.[+]
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A new perspective for the photovoltaic landscapes
The Landscape Observatory participated in the working group promoted by the Secretariat of Urban and Regional Habitat of the Department of the Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia that is defining the criteria for introducing photovoltaic and eolic installations in Catalonia. The Government of Catalonia declared a climatic state of emergency on 14 May. The energy transition in which Catalonia is immersed is an opportunity to learn and apply new ways of relating to contemporary energy landscapes and fashioning a new perspective of this kind of renewable energy.
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New Municipal Landscape Ordinance of the Town Hall of Vic
The Plenary of the Town Hall of Vic, in their session on the 18 March 2019, finally approved the Municipal Landscape Ordinance that is annexed to the urbanistic regulations of the Municipal Urban Plan of the city. The ordinance includes the proposals of measures and actions included in the Landscape Catalogue of the Central Districts (Catàleg del paisatge de les Comarques Centrals), specifically in the Plana de Vic landscape unit.
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Celebrating International Landscape day
International Landscape Day, promoted by the Council of Europe, was celebrated on 20th October. This third edition aims to promote the value of water in the landscape and for this reason the Landscape Observatory gifts the book Landscape, heritage and water (Paisatge, patrimoni i aigua) to whoever requests for a copy. The European Landscape Convention applies to natural, rural, urban and peri urban areas and also includes internal watercourses as well as maritime areas.
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International Week of Landscape in Chile
Several Latin American organizations and institutions organize the 2019 International Landscape Week, to be held in Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Santiago de Chile between November 3 and 9. The “Pensar y Sentir el Paisaje” Symposium, the LALI Forum, and the Regional Conference IFLA Americas are organized. Organizing entities include the Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI), the International Federation of Landscape Architects of the Americas Region (IFLA AR), or the Chilean Heritage and Landscape Corporation (CP & P), among others. The Landscape Observatory will participate in this international event and collaborates in its organization, with a forecast of participation of some 250 people from different parts of the world.
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Reopening the CDAN Documentation Centre
INDOC, the documentation centre of the CDAN, Art and Nature Centre (Centre d'Art i Natura), specialized in the relationship between art, nature and the landscape and with an outstanding collection on land-art, reopened its doors last June after being closed for six years. This is one of the first centres with which the Landscape Observatory interchanged publications and contacts due to their affinities. These activities have been taken up again with the reopening. 
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LALI, the Latin American Landscape Initiative, the LALI Niños Cluster of the Latin American Landscape Initiative,  Fundación Cerros de Bogotá and the Red Cerros have organised a children’s competition for all the children of Latin-America with the title "Mapping my micro-territory". The goal of the competition is to enrich and generate maps of the city from the perception and experience of children and youngsters of Latin America. There are three categories according to the age of the participants and the panel of judges is made up of different international professionals including Pere Sala i Martí, the director of the Landscape Observatory.
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Gran Tour Project in the Terres de l'Ebre
The Grand Tour is an excursion on foot in which walkers are accompanied by artists of all kinds from all over the world. The project, coordinated by the Contemporary Creation Centre “Nau Côclea de Camallera” (Girona), brings hiking and contemporary art together in the region. The fifth edition was held this year, 2019. It began in Ampolla, in the Delta de l’Ebre on 13 August, and proceeded towards the Massís dels Ports, the Terra Alta, the Garrigues, ending in Lleida on 1 September.
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Water landscapes and Climate change in the Maresme
The District Council of the Maresme has begun an educational programme based on the Water Cycle this academic year to explain how the global crisis, which is due to climate change, is visible in the landscape. The programme combines a visit to the water purification plant of the Tordera Delta or to the wastewater treatment plant of Sant Pol de Mar with an experiential activity on the landscape in which they are located. Different activities are carried out in the itinerary around the installations in order to understand the dynamics that shape the landscape and also mould us. This educational activity on the landscape includes different scientific and artistic disciplines. 
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Signing the 'Declaratory Charter of Regional Landscape of the Architectural Associations of the Andean Group'
The “RAGA Declaratory Charter of the Landscape" was signed within the framework of the 26th Congress of Regional Architects of the Andean Group (RAGA) on “Territory and landscape”. This document is the first of its kind in the Andean area that includes the commitment to the protection, conservation and management of the landscape of the Architects’ Association of Bolivia, the Columbian Architects’ Society, the Architects’ Association of Ecuador, the Architects’ Association of Peru and the Architects Association of Venezuela. The charter aims to be a tool for land management and the involvement of political/public administrations associated with the landscape.
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Digital Version of Landscape Map Available
The Landscape Observatory and the Cartographic and Geologic Institute of Catalonia (Observatori del Paisatge i Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya) have published the Map of the Landscapes of Catalonia that covers 134 landscapes that have been catalogued and described by the Observatory in the landscape catalogues. The map shows the great diversity and wealth of the landscapes of Catalonia, which is amongst the highest in the European continent. Each landscape (technically called a “landscape unit”) is a portion of the territory that has its own character differentiated from the rest. The map also includes the peculiarities and distinctive elements and identifies more than 500 miradors in the landscape catalogues of Catalonia. It can be consulted online here. [+]
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Recover the Videos of the Presentations made at the International Symposium on Landscape, Agriculture and Women
The videos of the international symposium Landscape, agriculture and women,  held last May, promoted by the Landscape and Sustainability Committee of the Priorat (Comissió del Paisatge i la Sostenibilitat del Priorat) and organised by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, can now be viewed. They contain the presentations of both days during which initiatives and projects from all over the world that work to recognise resilient agrarian models were explained. Traditional and innovative perspectives demonstrated the feasibility of systems adapted to the idiosyncrasy of territories that provide the people who reside in them and build them day by day with a dignified life. They can be viewed here. A summary of the symposium is also available here. [+]
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Txema Salvans, the new photographer in Observatory website
Txema Salvans is the new photographer who illustrates the cover of the Landscape Observatory website. His photos will also be part of the Observatory's image gallery.

The pictures come from his projects Perfect Day, Perfect Day II and The Waiting Game II.
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Les bois sacrés en Afrique
The goal of this website is to supervise the natural sacred places of Africa, generally known as “sacred groves”, in order to follow up on the progress of their management methods.
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Museu Paisagem
The Paisagem Museum is a solely digital museum. The website offers visits to exhibitions, videos, collections of projects and organisations related to the landscape that complement the activities of the Museum. 
Arxiu d'Imatges Leisure landscapes
Pere Sala i MartíJordi GrauMarta Rovira
Luz Karen Vila Guillem VidalRafael López-Monné
Un árbol en la casa
Oscar Blasco. Barcelona: autoeditat, 2018. ISBN: 978-84-09-02599-2.

A collection of short interwoven stories that are a long-distance journey to what we have nearby. A treatise on landscapes, plants, animals, men, cities and the countryside; a treatise having no beginning or end. More information here.
Joan Ganyet. La Seu d'Urgell: Edicions Salòria, 2019. ISBN 978-84-949229-9-2.

The book has 112 photographs inspired in observations of the walls of historic cities in the Mediterranean (Venice, Rome, Athens, Barcelona, Seville, Rome, Bergamo, Andorra la Vella, Tarragona, Dubrovnik, and Palermo) that the author photographed and interpreted artistically over several journeys between 2013 and 2018.

Arquitectura ramadera i paisatge en transformació
Antonio Cayuelas; Tomás García Píriz (eds.)(2018). Ripoll: Estudi d'Arquitectes per l'Arquitectura.

This publication is a result of the 4th seminar organised by Architects for Architecture that aims to provide a series of answers to the problem of building on non-developable land in our country. The problem is approached through real cases, and some conclusions can be drawn from them.
'Transformaciones territoriales en la región este'
Tekoporá: Revista Latinoamericana de Humanidades Ambientales y Estudios Territoriales. Vol. 1, núm. 1 (2019). ISSN: 2697-2719.

A Uruguayan magazine whose main objective is to motivate interdisciplinary studies and appreciation of the working procedures of different teams within the social, human, environmental and regional spheres. The first edition is a collection of articles presented at the Encuentro Viento del Este (Easterly Wind Encounter) – I Discussion-Public Debate on Territorial Construction in the Eastern Region. It can be consulted here.
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