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48. January-March 16
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Preserving Landscapes

Marta Tafalla
Coordinator of the Philosophy Degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Every year, when everything relaxes during the summer holidays, the media tend to bombard us with images of the Greek islands, Southern Italy and other Mediterranean paradises. Villages that care and retain their traditional air, fields tended like gardens, panoramic roads that extend to the horizon under the intense light of infinite afternoons [...]
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New Publication: Landscape and Emotion. The Reappearance of Emotional Geographies
The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia has co-published, with the University Pompeu Fabra, the book Landscape and Emotion. The Reappearance of Emotional Geographies exclusively in digital format. The book contains the conferences from the seminar of the same name, which was held in March 2014.
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Landscape Catalogue of the Comarques Centrals (Catalonia) has been made available to the public
On Thursday 28 January, the Catalan governmental bulletin published the announcement on the start of the public availability period for the Landscape Catalogue of the Comarques Centrals, after the Director General of the Catalan Ministry for the Organisation of Territory and Urban Planning, Agustí Serra, gave it his initial approval. The catalogue will be in open to the public for one month.
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The Observatory is participating in a European Project involving the Landscape and Climate Change
The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia is taking part in the ERASMUS+ Project "On the way towards a Low Carbon Society - Increasing Professionalism in Land Use and Landscape Management within Climate Change (Towards LCS)". This three-year project has been promoted by academic institutions and local, regional and national organisations from Finland, Poland and Catalonia, and seeks to explore which issues need to be incorporated into university education in order to train professionals in the area of landscape management that focuses on a low carbon society and that therefore prevents climate change.
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Fondazione Benetton International Landscape Research Conferences
Since 2004, the Scientific Committee of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche has been organising a yearly landscape research conference, which has been created as an opportunity for all those people linked to the landscape for the exchange of ideas and critical updating. Its members include Joan Nogué, the director of the Landscape Observatory, who has participated in the organisation of the next conference The Return to the Woods and which will be held on the 18th and 19th of February 2106 in Treviso. Information and videos of previous conferences can be found here.
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The Observatory is acting as a Consultant in the Closing Conference of the MedScapes Project
The MedScape Project for the identification and planning of the Eastern Mediterranean landscape has concluded two years of intense work with the international conference "Landscapes of the Eastern Mediterranean: Challenges, Opportunities, Prospects and Accomplishments", with the presentation of results, which was held in Jordan on 13 and 14 of December.
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A New Educational Resource in the Proxecto Terra
The Proxecto Terra, which is promoted by the Professional Association of Architects of Galicia, was created fifteen years ago in order to contribute to improving training on the Galician territory, architecture and landscape. In 2010 it obtained the National Award for Urban Planning and its most recent feature has been the publication of Pagus. Galicia, un país de paisajes, (Pagus, Galicia, a Country of Landscapes) as educational material for secondary schools.
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A New Section on the Local Landscape Plans of Catalonia Website
The Landscape Observatory website has activated a new section featuring those municipal-level landscape plans being promoted in Catalonia. This new section shows a table with information for each plan; the year when the initiative began, the actions undertaken to date, the agents responsible and the website for more information.
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The Landscape of the Lluçanès in the School Agendas
This year the Consortium of the Lluçanès has chosen the landscape as its theme for the creation of infant and primary school agendas in the Lluçanès region of Catalonia. Weekly activities have been placed on the agenda, while school pupils will be able to discover the landscape types in their local area and in the Lluçanès as a whole.
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The Landscape of Bonansa, an ETSAV Case Study
Work on the landscape of Bonansa (in the Osca province) can now be consulted. This information forms part of the course in seminar format entitled Paisatges Culturals (Cultural Landscapes). The material is provided by the Department of Urban Planning and Territory of ETSAV. The course website also offers the possibility of consulting the projects presented from other course years.
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Saving the Plain Trees of the Lluçanès
The Lluçanès still preserves most of its historical plain trees that line the region's roads, and which have become synonymous with the area's identity. The Provincial Government of Barcelona has decided to reconsider the initial project, which involved cutting down 143 trees, (only 35 will now be removed).
Rome's Landscape

Outcome of the second LE: NOTRE Landscape Forum, held in Rome in April 2013.

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Netherlands Landscape Observatory
The Dutch association LandschappenNL has taken the initiative to set up a Landscape Observatory in the Netherlands, and the first step taken has been the creation of this website.
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Geograph photograph every grid square
This project aims to compile those photographs and all the geographical information that represents each and every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland.
London fog. The biography
Corton, Christine L. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University, 2015. ISBN: 978-0-674-08835-1.

The author of this book provides a detailed look at the history of London's fog, which for over 120 years darkened the city's streets.  The work combines environmental factors with cultural, social, artistic and literary aspects related to this atmospheric phenomenon.
La Costruzione delle alpi: immagini e scenari del pittoresco alpino (1773-1914)
Rossi, Antonio De. Roma: Donzelli Editore, 2014. ISBN: 978-88-6843-119-8.

This publication shows us how the Alps have not always been how we know them today. Graphic descriptions and texts are used to analyse the ‘construction' of the Alpine landscape, while looking at both physical transformation and a change in the aesthetic perception of nature and its consumption.

Imaginaire géographique. Entre géographie, langue et littérature
Dupuy, Lionel; Puyo, Jean-Yves (dir.). Pau: Presse de l'Université de Pau et des pays de l'Adour. ISBN: 978-2-35311-060-6.

This publication reveals the complex relationships between Man and the landscape. The authors of this joint work examine the land as it has been imagined by writers from several cultures.
Territori de masies: paisatges, biodiversitat i món rural al baix Solsonès
Guixé, David; et al. [Manresa]: L'Arada, 2014. ISBN: 978-84-617-3047-6.

The book shows the different natural and cultural landscapes of the Baix Solsonès area, with the presentation by local residents of their town's places of interests, describing their importance and culture.
Land unter Strom: Energiewende als Chance für den ländlichen Raum
Bonn: Bund Heimat und Umwelt in Deutschland, 2015. ISBN: 978-3925374395.

This publication outlines the risks and opportunities of energy transition in Germany, focusing on rural areas, while showing both new and traditional systems of energy production.

Elementos del paisaje. fotografías 1907-1950. Eduardo Hernández Pacheco
Zelich, Cristina; Franco, Antonio (eds.). [S.l.]: Fundación Ortega Muñoz; Consejería de Educación y Cultura del Gobierno de Extremandura, 2015. ISBN: 978-84-617-1045-4.

A catalogue from the exhibition of the same name; a compilation of a rigorous work of selection, digitalisation, and restoration of the images of Eduardo Hernández-Pacheco; showing the photographic work of this noteworthy geographer and naturalist from Extremadura.
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