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International workshop. Landscape and Climate Change

Indicadors de paisatge. Reptes i perspectives

9 - 21 July 2012
Landscape Observatory and Foundation of Higher Studies. Olot

The University of Girona, the University of Venice and the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, helped by the Olot's Fundació d'Estudis Superiors, jointly organized between July 8 and 21 the international seminar "Landscape and climate change". The event is a part of the European Masters Course in Planning and policies for the City, Environment and Landscape, offered by the UdG, the IUAV University of Venice (Italy), the University of Sassari (Sardinia), the University of Ghent (Belgium), the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal).

The seminar was aimed at fostering specific proposals for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change in different landscape areas (river banks, coastal landscape, energy-related landscape, evolution of agriculture and forest landscape and urban landscapes) of the landscape units of the Empordà plains and the Olot valleys, included in the Landscape Catalogue of the Comarques Gironines.

Program (3,5 Mb)


Results of the workshop: participants' projects

  • Overview of results presented by the participants:

  • Adaptation to climate change in the agricultural system
    Poster | Presentation
    Carlota Oliveira, Joana Nunes, Laura Rocca and Roberta de Bois
  • Effects of climate change on the landscape and energy in Alt Empordà on 2050
    Poster | Presentation
    Federico Camerin, Joao Campos, Mario Doneddu, Matteo Larese Gortigo and Stefano Quaglia
  • Intervention on build up landscape in Castelló d'Empúries
    Poster | Presentation
    Anselma Lovens, Benedetta Lucchitta, Elena Mur Cacuh, Ilaria Fadda and Maribel Arcos Garrido
  • Adaptation to climate change in the coastal area
    Poster | Presentation
    Alessandra Laura Craboleda, Davide Secchi, Fabio Rosa, Andre Ferreira and Sara Carraro

  • Adaptation to climate change in the agricultural system
    Poster | Presentation
    Irene Bianchi, Veronica Leoni, Montserrat Luque Garrofé, Giovanni Ondradu and Joao Vaz Dos Santo
  • Resilient Energyscape
    Poster | Presentation
    Joana Couto, Anna Cuccuru, Antonio Gatta, Barbara Nankin and Francesco Ranieri
  • Fluvià River: Landscape Connector
    Poster | Presentation
    Salvatore Cambilargiu, Ines Carvalho, Denis Cuccu, Massimiliano Granceri and Mafalda Matos
  • Adaptation to climate change in the built up system
    Poster | Presentation
    Annamaria Bagaini, Marcel Ballestar, Gonçalo Carvalho, Ana Maria Miranda andAntonio Secondo


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