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Catàleg de paisatge. Les Terres de Lleida

Indicadors de paisatge. Reptes i perspectives

The book is only available in Catalan.

Nogué i Font, Joan; Sala i Martí, Pere; Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works. (2010). Landscape catalogue. Les Terres de Lleida (Lleida and surroundings). Barcelona: Generalitat of Catalonia. Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Works. ISBN: 978-84-393-8297-3

First landscape catalogue of Catalonia finally approved and published in accordance with the European Landscape Convention and dedicated to Lleida and its surroundings. It is organised in eight sections preceded by a foreword. It identifies 22 landscape units, each with a description of the natural and human resources that comprise the landscape, its historical development, current organisation, artistic expression, dynamics, landscape values, the main routes and points to observe and enjoy the landscape, a description of the possible development of the unit, assessment of threats and opportunities, and landscape quality objectives.

Presentation (1Mb)
  • Presentation
    Joaquim Nadal, Councillor of Territorial Policy and Public Works of the Generalitat of Catalonia
    Joan Nogué, Director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia
  • Index
  • Foreword
Section 1. The landscape catalogue of Terres de Lleida (2Mb)
  • Legal framework
  • Landscape catalogues of Catalonia
  • Process of consultation and public and social participation
Section 2. The landscape of Terres de Lleida. General aspects (11Mb)
  • Natural elements
  • Historical process of settlement and its influence on the landscape
  • Current landscape and its dynamics
  • Threats and opportunities
Section 3. The character of the landscape of Terres de Lleida. Features (10Mb)
  • Scenic background and markers
  • Hills
  • River banks
  • Steppes
  • Olive, almond and wine growing
  • Irrigation
  • Market gardens
  • Defensive constructions
  • Settlements on mountain tops and aligned in valleys
  • Fog
Section 4. Landscapes of special interest (2Mb)
  • Segre riverside areas
  • Lleida market gardens
  • New irrigated areas
  • Infrastructures
Section 5. Landscape quality objectives, criteria and actions (3Mb)
Section 6. Landscape units (18Mb)
  • Montsec
  • Vall de Rialb
  • Segre mitjà
  • Serrats de Sanaüja i Llanera
  • Vall del Llobregós
  • Alt Sió
  • Costers de la Segarra
  • Secans de Belianes i d'Ondara
  • Garrigues baixes i vall del Corb
  • Garrigues altes
  • Costers de l'Ebre
  • Paisatge fluvial del Segre
  • Baix Segrià
  • Regadius del canal d'Aragó i Catalunya
  • Plana d'Almenar i Alguaire
  • Horta de pinyana
  • Plana d'Algerri-Balaguer
  • Aspres de la Noguera
  • Baix Sió
  • Serres de Bellmunt i Almenara
  • Plana d'Urgell
  • Secans d'Utxesa
Section 7. Maps (6Mb)
Section 8. Reference documentation (2Mb)

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