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Projects of interest


Anuari Territorial de Catalunya
This is the online version of the Annual Territorial Report of Catalonia which systematically addresses two-hundred topics related to the environment, infrastructures, urban projects and plans and territorial policies which have been in the public eye throughout the year.
Atles literari
Collection of maps of the Terres Gironines based on the close and intimate relationship between the writer and the land. The website has its origin in the work "Literary Atlas of the Girona Territory", Provincial Government of Girona, 2003.
Biennal Europea del Paisatge
Congress organised by the Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (Catalan College of Architects), the Master in Landscape Architecture at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC, Polytechnic University of Catalonia) and the Associació d'Amics de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Association of Friends of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia). There have been three editions: Remaking Landscapes (1999), Gardens in Arms (2001) and Only with Nature (2003). During the Biennal, the Rosa Barba European Award for Landscape is adjudicated. The website contains the results of these three biennial congresses.
El Museu de la Mediterrània
Museum showing the cultural, social and educational activity of the Mediterranean. There is a permanent exhibition which, starting from the area of the Baix Ter and with music as a conducting thread, it brings visitors closer to the past, present and future of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean.
Híbrids 2.0
Area of cross-disciplinary reflection where various ambits of thought and creation converge, including nature, art, science, technology, thought, landscape and spirituality. The excellent exhibition "Invisible landscapes / Impossible places" reflects on how the condition of the invisibility of the landscape can occur in many different ways.
Indrets dels Països Catalans
Participatory project led by the cultural association to encourage awareness of the territories of the Catalan Countries (Catalonia, Valencia, Balearic Islands, South of France and the Western Fringe) and to disseminate their richness and diversity in terms of landscape. It contains a collection of descriptions and pictures of routes and places of interest from all around.
Observatori Forestal de Catalunya
Digital platform promoted by the Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia seeking to assemble all the information concerning the Catalan forestry sector: news, guides, employment exchange, database, tenders and indicators.
Projecte Grípia. Territori Ramader
The goal of Projecte Grípia's website is to guarantee generational renewal in mountain tree farms, incorporating youth in related activities, ensuring the sustainable development of these farms and stimulating the industry to make it viable economically.


AreaCiega: Observatorio Metropolitano
Project combining various multidisciplinary groups in a space for reflection on the transformations which characterise contemporary city centres, starting with Madrid.
Arqueología del paisaje: análisis de los paisajes históricos
Website managed by the research group Toponymy, History and Archaeology of the Kingdom of Granada, aimed at understanding and discussing on the present day landscape as seen through history.
Atlas de los Paisajes de España
Atlas promoted by the Ministerio de Medi Ambiente (Ministry of the Environment) and produced by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid Autonomous University, UAM), containing cartography, analysis and assessment of Spanish landscapes as a whole, constructed on tightly related ecological and cultural bases.
El feísmo en Galicia
Very complete website on the architectural phenomenon known as "feísmo" which particularly characterises the rural environment in Galicia. It is worth visiting the photo gallery illustrating this concept.
El paisaje urbano
Educational resource on urban landscape of the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (Ministry of Education and Science) with prepared exercises and self-assessment instructions on themes such as cities and their functions, their evolution, and different types of urban landscapes.
A project of social promotion, open and free, the principal objective of which is the dissemination and promotion of sound phenomena and their exploration for social and documentary purposes. It starts from the premise that an approximation to the sound of a place is an approximation to its heritage. From the web there is access to various sounds from around Galicia.
Foro do Feísmo
Website of the "Foro do Feísmo" (a term used to identify a certain building style in the urban and rural environment of Galicia) containing the conclusions of the first "feísmo" forum (in PDF format in Spanish and English) and contributions to the second forum (on video).
Observatori fotogràfic de les Illes Balears
Website managed by the research group on audiovisual heritage, mass-media and illustration of the University of the Balearic Islands. The goal of the group is to promote activities, research and projects related to the evolution of the landscape of the Balearic Islands through photography and other visual disciplines.
Paisaje urbano en Sevilla
A space for public participation, this website's objective is to draft a series of urban landscape guidelines for the city of Seville. The site centralises information available about this subject and enables direct participation through a discussion group.
Paisajes de Aragón
This website is a tool for collecting and disseminating information by using surveys on perceptions and valuations of the landscapes of the counties of Aragón. The objective is to create maps of the landscapes of the autonomous community of Aragón which can be used to chart, characterise and valuate the different landscapes present in the territory.
Paisajes de España (Centro Virtual Cervantes)
Virtual exhibition with a collection of various landscapes in Spain in the different autonomous communities, with a brief explanation and picture gallery for each of them. The section on Catalonia provides access to a virtual exhibition of the Climatic Atlas of Catalonia. There is also, in the section on Andalusia, the exhibition ‘The Andalusian garden', with the opportunity to carry out a virtual visit.
Paisajes de Tenerife. Recursos didácticos
Multimedia teaching materials developed by the local government of the island of Tenerife and addressed to secondary education students and teachers, aimed at contributing to the broadening of landscape-related knowledge.
Paisatges culturals a la Reial Séquia de Montcada
Through a rich and multidisciplinary view, this 2.0 web project is aimed at the promotion and conservation of the cultural landscape of the Horta de València, its irrigation union and everything related to the different cultural landscapes that shape and have shaped this land.
Pedra en sec i senderisme a Mallorca
Project of the Departament de Medi Ambient i Natura (Environment and Nature Department) of the Council of Mallorca, dedicated to the restoration, preservation, protection and dissemination of dry-stone heritage and landscape.


REGALP - Regional Development and Cultural Landscape Change: The Example of the Alps
Research project of the European Commission which investigates the interrelation between regional development and changes in the cultural landscape. The objective of the European Union is to integrate the conclusions of this project into European Union policies and those of the different States comprising it.


Research project on landscape education undertaken by the Laboratoire de Méthodologie de la Géographie (Geography Methodology Laboratory) at the University of Liège. On the website you can find panoramic views of various landscapes in Belgium and an educational guide to landscape, which can be downloaded.
Les métiers du paisage
Interactive space aiming to collect and disseminate information on different types of articles related to nature, landscape and its associated activities.


APPORT Paysages agricoles
Multi-partner project supported by the Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) with the aim of promoting landscape in the agricultural world. The website provides access to studies and experiences related to the subject.
L'observatoire du patrimoine et du paysage
Observatory created by the ECHEL association (Espaces-Chantiers Environnement Local) to discover and study in depth the various elements composing the landscape.
Observatoire photographique du paysage de Montreuil
Initiative of the town of Montreuil established in 1997 by the Ministère de l'Aménagement du Territoire et de l'Environnement (Ministry of Town and Country Planning and Environment), with the aim of detecting the qualitative changes in the urban landscape and analysing their mechanisms. The website shows a number of photographs of the changes produced in different parts of the city.
Paysages en herbe
Very complete portal aimed at French landscapers with subjects related to landscape, architecture, the environment and botany. Important sections dedicated to articles, dossiers and an image gallery, as well as a glossary of technical terms referring to vegetation, urban development and abbreviations.
Politiques publiques et paysages
Initiative of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development of the French Government studying the impact of public policies on the dynamics of landscape. The website shows the results of the study, photographs and publications relating to the project.
International network of researchers and PhD students working on the subject of gardens and landscape. The website offers services for researchers as well as access to a collection of dossiers, videos and publications in digital format.


Deutsches Forum Kulturlandschaft
Forum coordinated by the Bund Heimat und Umwelt (BHU) aiming to involve the local population in the evolution of landscapes in Germany and other parts of Europe.
Shrinking cities
Project of the Federal Cultural Foundation in Germany which studies the processes of shrinking cities and the development of strategies for action in East Germany in this field.


Architettura del paesaggio forestale
Project leaded by the Ente Foreste della Sardegna aimed at developing a new methodology for the management, maintenance and design of landscapes in forest areas managed by this organisation.
Decimo Anniversario della Convenzione Europea del Paesaggio
Website created for the 10th anniversary of Italy signing the European Landscape Convention, containing documents related to the Convention and to landscape protection.
Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano (FAI)
Foundation created in 1975 for the protection, safeguarding and preservation of the artistic and natural heritage of the country through purchasing and managing assets and areas of artistic, historic, landscape and environmental interest. It is among the most important in Europe, after the English and Scottish National Trusts, upon which it is modelled.
La biennale del paesaggio
Initiative of the province of Reggio Emilia intended to introduce the need for Landscape protection and management in accordance with the principles of the European Landscape Convention. Five different facets of landscape are put forward: lectures, pictures, music, projects and products from the land.
Laboratorio Culturale del Paesaggio della Pietra a Secco (Lapis)
Non-profit-making association with the purpose of promoting at all levels the preservation, knowledge, use and valuing of the dry-stone heritage and landscape.
Luoghi di valore. Come li viviamo, come li vorremmo
Research initiative that aims to understand the link between the people in a community and their landscapes, and to raise public awareness of the need for everybody, regardless of their origin or daily requirements, to get involved in the conservation and management of the landscape.
Paesaggio critico
Project designed to spread the word, communicate and discuss on architecture and landscape and fostered by specialists in this field, avoiding academic formalism and open to every individual concerned by the design of public spaces.
Salviamo il paesaggio
Forum formed by different associations, organisations and individuals who, sharing common concerns on the excessive urban development and the loss of landscapes, focus their efforts on the protection and management of landscape.


Landscape & citizens
An association that works to create a network of people interested in landscape and its problems and advocates for the Swedish ratification of the European Agreement on Landscape.
Playing the space
Numerous artists, architects, musicians, dancers and researchers explore the environment and urban locations composing and reworking their rhythms and resonance. This artistic work begins with the daily experience of a trip, a place or a walk, immersed in the common situation of pedestrians and the public.


A campaign started by the Swiss Landscape Fund (FLS - FSP) to promote the planting of rows of trees along Swiss roads. The campaign included a contest of photographs of these landscapes, the best of which can be seen on the website.
Forum paysage
An independent association founded in Berne in 2006. Through interdisciplinary exchange and research they promote landscape as a whole, as well as its development and management.
Paysages en poésie
"Landscapes in Poetry" is an artistic, multidisciplinary project created by the association Regards du Monde. It consists of four poetry and photography gardens, a cycle of scientific conferences and debates within the framework of the Rencontres internationales du paysage (International Landscape Meetings), a literary week entitled " Une montagne à lire " (A Mountain to Read) and fifteen visitors' routes suggested in the guide Aux lumières du lieu.


Campaign to protect rural England
Non-profit-making association which compaigns for the preservation of the rural environment of England at local, regional and national levels. Its work is centred on landscape, planning, development and agriculture and food. It is one of the organisations promoting tranquillity maps.
Change and Creation
English Heritage programme for the characterisation of landscape archaeology from 1950 to 2000, evaluating the processes of change and creation of landscapes in current urban and rural surroundings.


Diseño Participativo del Paisaje
A programme run by the city of Buenos Aires that implements participatory processes in designing public green areas.


Carrot city
Research initiative that explores worldwide experiences on how the growing interest in producing locally grown food and quality in cities influences urban design and the shape of buildings.
Programme d'attribution des terres du domaine de l'État pour l'implantation d'éoliennes
Programme of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fauna of the Government of Québec, to ensure that some land in public ownership is accessible for the installation of wind farms. There is a guide (in French) on carrying out a landscape integration study on the implementation of wind farms.


Website of the exhibition organised by the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MOMA) in 2005 under the title 'Groundswell. Constructing The Contemporary Landscape'. The exhibition presents a selection of projects which have been carried out recently in various cities with the objective of rehabilitating degraded areas and converting them into new leisure areas.
Living Landscape Observer
Website with news on landscape, heritage and sustainable development.
National Landscape Conservation System
Public office of the USA Government in charge of managing public land. It has various instruments of protection, such as national monuments, recreational areas and forest reserves.


European Urban Knowledge Network
This is an initiative made up of 15 European Union countries, the URBACT programme and the participation of EUROCITIES. Its aim is to exchange knowledge and experiences in various urban issues, and to facilitate support programmes and policies to be used when developing policies in this field.
Life ECOnet project
Project financed by the European Union and undertaken by working groups from Cheshire (United Kingdom) and Abruzzo and Emilia-Romagna (Italy). It explores the best way of creating biological corridors and shows that it is possible to use these corridors for more sustainable environmental planning and management.
Lifescape your Landscape
A European project that explores new ways of making use of the rural landscape while preserving its beauty and its historic and cultural values. It now has 14 partners from five different countries.
Joint project of the ICTA-UAB and Universitetet i Bergen (Norway) on complexity, scientific uncertainty and public participation in the environmental management of the landscape.
European research programme formed by the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (Italy), Manchester Metropolitan University (United kingdom) and the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (Portugal). Its principal objectives are the preservation and improvement of the cultural and environmental heritage.
Pathways to Cultural Landscapes
An initiative financed by the European Union's Culture 2000 Programme, resulting from the coming together of public and private institutions interested in scientific research, communication and sustainable management in connection with cultural landscapes.
Patrimoine industriel entre terre et mer
European project started in 2003 to make people aware of the land through the industrial heritage. 7 countries take part, among them Catalonia.
Internet portal of Mediterranean landscapes created as a result of the INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC program and which is designed as an instrument for integrating and spreading knowledge about the landscapes in this area. Important section dedicated to PAYS.DOC (a project for good in landscape practice) and the Mediterranean landscape award.
Petrarca. European Academy for the Culture of Landscape
This European Academy for the Culture of Landscapes was formed in 2000 on the occasion of the international congress "The Culture of the European Landscape as a Task" in Dornach. It is intended to establish a forum for dialogue and research, open to all those who need to draw up measures to preserve and manage cultural landscapes, enhance their professional skills, and participate in various meetings on these topics.
Planning and archaeology in North West Europe (Planarch)
European project with the objective of promoting the integration of archaeology into planning processes and land management and, at the same time, sensitisation regarding its cultural inheritance.
Portail de la conception paysagère et des paysagistes
Portal dedicated to landscape development. Here we find databases of suppliers, various tutorials on computer design, free picture banks with photos of urban furniture, textures and different landscape elements, among others.
European project (2004-2006) centred in Spain, France and Portugal, consisting of the restoration of terraced landscapes for their function in the prevention of natural risks, water regulation and preservation of cultural and landscape values.
PANORAMAS: the North American Landscape in Art
Exhibition on the artistic portrayal of landscapes in North America organised by the Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canadian Museum of Civilization, National Institute of Fine Arts, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, and backed by the Governments of Canada, United States and Mexico.
The Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation (AHLP)
Professional organization focused on the preservation and conservation of historical landscapes in different forms, from gardens and public parks to rural areas.

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