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Landscape Catalogues

Contents of the Landscape Catalogues: Written memorandum

Technical document which the Landscape Observatory delivers to the Ministry of Land and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia. The structure of the written memorandum is the following:

Part 1: Territorial Ambit
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Natural factors which condition the landscape in the corresponding territorial ambit.
  • Historical process of peopling and its influence on the landscape.
  • Landscape today.
  • Artistic expression of the landscape of the area.
  • Values in the landscape.
  • Principal routes and points of observation and enjoyment of the landscape
  • Dynamics of the activities and processes which impact most notoriously on the landscape.
  • Landscape assessment as a result of current social-economic and environmental trends.
  • Landscape assessment.
  • Special attention landscapes.
  • Landscape quality targets for the whole territorial ambit.
  • Measures and proposed actions for the whole territorial ambit.
Part 2: Landscape units
  • The units and subunits of landscape in the territorial ambit.
  • Files for each unit and subunit of landscape with:
    - General details
    - Distinctive traits of each landscape unit (natural, cultural, dynamic)
    - Basic landscape values
    - Natural elements constituting the landscape
    - Historical evolution
    - Landscape today
    - Artistic expression of the landscape
    - Landscape values
    - Principal routes and points of observation and enjoyment of the landscape
    - Current landscape dynamic
    - Possible future evolution of the landscape
    - Landscape evaluation
    - Landscape quality objectives
    - Measures and proposed actions
  • Conclusions
  • Documentation of reference

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