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Landscape Catalogues

Mapa de Catalunya con las 7 regiones propuestas

The territorial reach of each catalogue corresponds to each of the regions of application of the Partial Territorial Plans.

Check the contents of the catalogues by clicking the links below. You may use the search engine to find information using a geographic reference.

Camp de Tarragona

Approved in May 2010 *
Published in 2012

Comarques Gironines

Approved in November 2010 *
Published in 2014

Terres de l'Ebre

Approved in July 2010 *
Published in 2013

Terres de Lleida

Approved in August 2008 *
Published in 2010

Alt Pirineu i Aran


Regiˇ Metropolitana de Barcelona

Approved in december 2014 *

Comarques Centrals

Approval pending *

* By the Generalitat de Catalunya


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Comarques Gironines (approved) Terres de Lleida (approved) Camp de Tarragona (approved) Terres de l'Ebre (approved) Alt Pirineu i Aran (approved) Regiˇ Metropolitana de Barcelona (approved) Comarques Centrals (approval pending)