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56. January-March 18
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Local landscape, global landscape

Francesc Serés
Writer and director of the Faber Residency

From the offices of Faber, we can see the Pla de Llacs sports park. If we go out on the deck, the near 360º views offer us a panorama of the Triai slope, which stretches from the beech forest of Fageda d’en Jorda to Canigou mountain. Our gaze then passes over the Serra del Corb mountain range, the Puigsacalm massif and over to the industrial parks that fade into mountains, urban volcanoes, the city of Olot, and finally the Alta Garrotxa region. The yearly changing of the seasons, which indeed offers a 360º panorama, shows us over the course of its 365-day cycle how the landscape changes. [+]
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The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia launches an Image Archive
On 28 November 2017, the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia launched its Image Archive, a dynamic tool to produce, to share and to disseminate images of Catalan landscapes. It contains and collates digital images of contemporary landscapes in Catalonia, which have originated through the Observatory's activities, as well as contributions by other institutions, organisations, and professional and amateur photographers. An Instagram account (@arxiucatpaisatge) has been set up for the Image Archive. The initiative is the result of a joint project with the company ATLL Concessionària de la Generalitat de Catalunya, SA. [+]
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Collaboration with the Faber residence
In January 2018, the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia will work in collaboration with the Faber Residence in Olot, regarding the potential role of landscape in town planning in small and medium cities. Two of the Observatory's partners, Alessandra Romeo (architect) and Clara Nubiola (artist), will work in coordination with the Observatory on two projects for a fortnight. The first project will analyse educational guidelines for urban landscape in primary schools and the second will address the representation of city landscape.
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Designing the Penedès Landscape Catalogue
In 2017, the Department of Territory and Sustainability commissioned the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia to design a Penedès Landscape Catalogue, which will be completed by a multidisciplinary team in 2018 and presented to the Department before the end of the year. This is a fantastic opportunity to go one step further and to design a next-generation catalogue, which will be produced at the same time as the Partial Territorial Plan of the Penedès. Both initiatives will feed into one another on a continuous basis. Please refer to the published catalogues here.
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The local ‘Territories for the Landscape' network is established
The second meeting on landscape planning and management experience in the local area, based on citizen involvement in this type of initiative, was held in Lluçanes on 27 October 2017. The event was also an opportunity to address and to discuss the structure and content of the new Landscape Territories network, a hub of exchange, debate and collective work for the various landscape management and local planning initiatives being developed in Catalonia. Currently, the network has no legal structure. [+]
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New Project by Teide Publishing House
In September 2017, the Landscape Observatory began a partnership with Teide Publishing House. The publishing house has produced pioneering educational materials about Catalan landscapes for high school students aged 12-13 years. The materials are designed to encourage students to conduct a collaborative project, which will result in interaction between students, teachers and external agents in connection with the themes being studied. As far as the ‘Catalonia Landscapes’ material is concerned, students will come into contact with the Observatory, which will also designate an area of its website catpaisatge.net to the students' work.
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The University of Porto presents a Landscape Observatory
Last January, the University of Porto Faculty of Sciences announced the new Landscape Observatory.. Designed as a centre for engaging in landscape-based thought, reflection and actions, this Observatory will study landscape and develop tools to monitor and raise awareness in the community around better practices for protecting, managing and planning landscape. Pere Sala i Martí, director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, is one of the ten members of the advisory board of this new institution.
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Collaborative project to observe the changes in the landscape in Euskal Herria
The Zumalakarregi Museum (Gipuzkoa) has initiated a collaborative digital project called “Mapping Álbum siglo XIX”. From 19th century engravings and paintings of towns in the Spanish and French Basque Countries and Navarre, we can observe how the landscapes have changed by comparing them with current day images. This project is open to everyone who would like to collaborate and contribute material to this subject.
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10 years of Civilscape y Uniscape
Ten years ago, civil societies involved in landscape came together to create CIVILSCAPE, a European platform representing the voices of citizens concerned about their landscapes. For the next ten years, it aims to carry out an initiative called European Decade on Cultural Landscapes, which will be launched during its 10th anniversary event held from 23 to 26 February in Aschaffenburg (Germany). UNISCAPE, a network of European universities created to provide support and reinforce scientific cooperation in the areas of landscape research and education, will celebrate its 10th anniversary during  in Florence on 19 January.. Congratulations to both!
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French landscapes exhibition at the National Library of France
On exhibition at the National Library of France is an extensive collection of landscape photos from the DATAR (France’s Delegation for Planning and Regional Action) photographic mission initiative carried out in the late 1980s. Also on display are works from photographers who have collaborated on various photography projects stemming from the DATAR such as the Conservatoire du Littoral in the 1990s and France(s) Territoire Liquide in 2012. The exhibition, called "Paysages français Une aventure photographique (1984 - 2017)", which can also be visited virtually, it presents the recent history of French landscapes as well as the history of photography in France.
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New monograph about microtowns released in the Revista de Girona magazine
Issue 305 of the Revista de Girona magazine, the last issue of 2017, is dedicated to microtowns. These municipalities, with fewer than 500 residents, have their own town hall and span a vast territory. Coordinated by Maria Àngels Casademont, the monograph presents the defining features of microtowns and contextualises them in today’s reality. It argues that they are becoming examples of the new ways in which we can engage in politics and build new energy models, and analyses the way the systems work and are funded so we can overcome the challenges.
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'Museu al carrer', a participative project
Few months ago, the "Museu del carrer" project was presented at the Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya, located in Terrassa. The public participation project "Museu al carrer", meaning museum on the street, aims to inventory, geo-reference, document and enhance the heritage of the industrial society that is preserved in the towns and cities of Catalonia. The project is materialized through a website that will collect and display the contributions of the citizens.
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Rewarding debate on landscape and land planning in Astigarraga
Last Friday, January 26, Astigarraga brought together specialists in landscape and territory issues on the occasion of the 'I Landscape and Territory Conference. Towards a reflection through planning'. The day focused on the landscape policies in the Basque Country (and especially the case of the Landscape Action Plan of the Santiagomendi-Landarbaso Corridor), as well as policies and experiences in the planning of landscape in different autonomous communities of the Spanish State. [+]
Exploración de metodologías para la valoración del paisaje

Article that compares landscape observatories from diferent countries around the world and their landscape assessment methodologies (Gloria Aponte-García, Lina María Escobar-Ocampo and César Augusto Molina-Saldarriaga. Pontifical Bolivarian University).

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MODSCAPES is a transnational project that investigates 11 cases of rural landscapes across Europe. The objective is to explore, document and raise awareness around this shared cultural heritage. The project introduces the concept of ‘landscapes' as a unifying paradigm between tangible (the built environment) and intangible legacies (the related cultural and sociopolitical contexts) to bridge the gap between research, practice and policies through a trans-disciplinary approach.
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'Mean Streets: An anthropological look at the relationship between the city and film' exhibition
This online exhibition is presented by the Virreina Centre de la Imatge under the curatorship of Hamaca association and the Observatory on the Anthropology of Urban Conflict (OACU). The works presented narrate the close relationship between cinema and city streets and analyse how both concepts are keys to understanding the type of urban planning that characterises the contemporary city.
Paesaggio, territorio e società civile. Il senso del luogo nel contemporaneo
Nogué, Joan. [S.l.]: Libria, 2017. ISBN: 978-8867641147.

Italian version of the book awarded the 2010 Joan Fuster Essay AwardPaisatge, territori i societat civil. The book addresses the benefits— and urgency— of building citizen awareness around landscape and integrating it into public policies, whether in the areas of culture, heritage or land and urban planning.
El derecho al paisaje en Colombia. Consideraciones para la definición de su contenido, alcance y límites
Diana Carolina Zuluaga Varón. Bogotá: Universidad Externado de Colombia, 2015. ISBN: 978-9587723625.

This work incites us to discover how landscape has been dealt with in the Columbian legal context. It aims to contribute to the essential task of defining the content, scope and limits of the right to landscape in Colombia— a task to which Columbian law and administrative science has a long overdue commitment.

País, paisaje, dos invenciones del siglo XIX mexicano
Amaya Larrucea Garritz. México D.F.: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2016. ISBN: 978-607-02-7650-7.

This study presents the different ways landscape has been produced and understood throughout Mexico’s history. It covers the theories, historiographical moments and elements of the cultural assessment that explains how to reflect landscape in today’s day and age, a process which has significantly changed since the 19th century.
Paisaje, turismo y salud
Emilio Iranzo (coord.). València: Tirant lo Blanch, 2017. ISBN: 978-8416786923.

The book merges the interpretation of landscape, nature, outdoor physical activities and health. The project offers accessible itineraries where the landscape is a resource that provides content.
Davant la imatge
Àlex Nogué. Barcelona. BRAC/Comanegra: 2016. ISBN: 978-84-16605-10-1.

Facing the image” (“Davant la imatge” in Catalan) is a visual project that questions, from the perspective of the experience of artistic creation, the way we see images. It is a sort of laboratory test on the conditions of perception as a focus of aesthetic experience and artistic communication. This book reproduces 48 pieces of work by Àlex Nogué along with texts by Xavier Acarín, Marta Dahó and Àlex Nogué translated into Spanish and English. [+]
Os valores da paisagem como instrumento de gestâo territorial na área de proteçâo ambiental da baleia franca
In her thesis, Deisiane dos Santos Delfino approaches landscape management as a tool for territorial management in Environmental Protection Areas (APA) in Brazil. She describes and analyses the process of landscape transformation in the Environmental Protection Area of Balena Franca, identifies the main values and supports territorial management policies in this protected area.

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