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51. October-December 16
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Water identity and memories of water as instruments of the Government of the territory

Francesco Vallerani
Ca' Foscari University of Venice

One of the most significant aspects of the environmental system and the secular geo-historical evolution of most of the landscapes is made up of the coexistence between human settlements and inland waters. It is not just a valuable accumulation of suggestive amphibian landscapes but also a hydrographical network that requires urgent and appropriate interventions relating to the management of the flows, controlling water quality and the social use of riverside areas.[...]
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Peoplescapes: different views in public space
On 10 November will be held in Olot Peoplescapes: Different views in public space a day where the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, with the collaboration of the CCCB and the Lluèrnia festival is proposed to approach the public and analyse problems and solutions posed by experts of different disciplines.
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New glossary of dry stone landscapes
The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia has created a glossary related to dry stone landscapes of the Catalan-speaking territories, in collaboration with linguists and experts in the field with the support of the Coordinating Entities for dry stone of Catalan Countries. The result will be integrated into the current digital dossier Dry stone landscapes and allow any web user to provide their contributions.
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The Landscape Catalogue of the Central Regions is approved
On Friday 29 July 2016, the Minister of Planning and Sustainability, Josep Rull, approved the Landscape Catalogue of the Central Regions prepared by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia. With the approval of the latter landscape catalogue, Catalonia already has a complete radiography of Catalan landscapes. The catalogues include all the landscape values of each area and propose quality objectives that spatial planning and other sector policies should take into consideration. [+]
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Book launch Paisatge, patrimoni i aigua
On October 6, was presented the book Landscape, heritage and water published jointly with Aigües Ter Llobregat, concessions collaborator of the Government. In the presentation took part Eva Rigau, Councillor for Culture of the City Hall of Salt; Joaquim Roca, president of Ter Consortium; Alfredo Gutiérrez, CEO of ATLL and Joan Nogué, director of the Landscape Observatory.
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COL·LABORAxPAISATGE is an agreement to preserve the dry stone constructions
The Association for Integrated Rural Development of the North East of Catalonia (ADRINOC) and the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, have signed an agreement for the implementation of the cooperation project COL·LABORAxPAISATGE. This project aims to create growth through the landscape and citizen collaboration with the recovery of dry stone constructions. [+]
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Chair of Citizen Participation and Valencian landscapes
The Chair of Citizen Participation and Valencian landscapes, created from the collaboration between the Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Territorial Structuring of the Government of Valencia and the University of Valencia, is seen as a platform that seeks academic reflection and research on issues related to the design and evaluation  that the population carries out from the Valencian countryside. But the dissemination and transfer of knowledge in landscape and citizen participation.
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The LALI has discussed the first draft of the Latin American Convention of landscape
On October 24 was held the V Forum of Reflection LALI  and the 2016 and the Panama International Workshop one of the parallel events from the International Congress IFLA AR- RUBIO. The Observatory coordinated an International Workshop on landscape at a local scale. The V Forum of the Latin American Initiative of Landscape (LALI) presented the first draft of the agreement of the Latin American landscape, in addition to the local landscape.[+]
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Ninth edition of the European Prize for Urban Public Space
The irrigation system of spring orchards in Caldes de Montbui by Marta Serra and Elena Albareda (Ciclica) and Jordi Calbetó (Cavaa) and Dialogue Centre "Przelomy" at Solidarnosc Squarein Szczecin, by Robert Konieczny (KWK Promes), received the award ex aequo of the ninth edition of the European Prize for Urban Public Space, powered by CCCB along with six European institutions.
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The Council of Europe organizes the 5th edition of the Landscape Award
This biennial prize, organized within the framework of the European Landscape Convention, aims to recognize the policies and measures that the local or regional authorities and their associations as well as NGOs, have taken to protect, manage and plan their landscapes. Some actions have proven to have long-term effects and can serve as an example to other European territories.
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Borja Ballbé in the gallery of images from the Observatory website
Borja Ballbé is the new photographer illustrating the cover of the Landscape Observatory web and thus will form part of the gallery of images from the Observatory. The photographs selected are part de diverse projects such as Welcome to nature i Paisajes comunes = Ordinary Lanscapes, among others.
Les Atlas de paysages. Méthode pour l'identification, la caractérisation et la qualification des paysages

Updating of the elaboration methodology of the french landscape atlases. Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (France).

Territorial and urban data of the landscape units of Catalonia

Data sheets of the 135 landscape units of Catalonia. Directorate General of Land and Planning (February 2016).

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Landscapefor is a cultural association that considers the meaning of the landscape and culture of the place, as a vital and organic form of knowledge and collective sense that is the basis of democracy.
Luoghi di valore = Outstanding Places
Zanon, Simonetta (ed.). Treviso: Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche; Antiga Edizioni, 2016. ISBN: 978-88-99657-27-7.

The book explains the project called Outstanding Places, inspired by the principles of the European Landscape Convention. This project aims at deepening the bond between the people of a community and its landscapes

Ordinary Landscapes = Paisajes Comunes
Ballbé, Borja (2016). Barcelona: l'autor. ISBN: 978-84-608-4684-0.

This book is a study, through images, of the elements that have transformed the country and have accentuated the loss of identity of the landscape. They are images of our immediate surroundings, which put the viewpoint on those elements that often go unnoticed but have a major impact on the landscape.

Architettura del paesaggio in Italia
A cura di Anna Letizia e Paolo Villa. Modena: Logos, 2011. ISBN: 978-88-579-0169-4.

The publication analyses the landscape architecture in Italy through six chapters of the different models and scales to interpret the landscape design projects from private gardens, public parks, and planning interventions.
100 paisajes culturales en España
Linarejos Cruz (ed.). Madrid: Ministerio de Educación Cutlura y Deporte, 2015. ISBN: 978-84-81816228.

The aim of the publication is to obtain an approximate picture of cultural landscapes of Spain, without pretending to be exhaustive but a representative sample of a complex and diverse.
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