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Landscape and the local perspective

The local world is increasingly viewing the landscape as an engine for its development and a way to boost the level of citizens' self-esteem, identity and quality of life. Acutely aware of the importance of landscape on the local scale, the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia has promoted several initiatives to know and to share some of the main experiences from around the world related to landscape from a local perspective, making them available to local authorities so as to assess them in terms of landscape preservation, improvement or promotion.

Follow of several landscape charters and landscape plans from Catalonia

Since 2005, the Observatory has been following the development of several landscape charters and landscape plans in Catalonia.


Thematic web site Landscape and the local perspective

Open Món local website

Website that aims to gather, classify and order a selection of the main experiences around Europe on the promotion of landscapes locally, making them available to town halls, communities, local entities, specialised experts and the general public.

Open Landscape and the local perspective website


The Border Landscape Map of Cerdanya

Open the border landscape map

The Border Landscape Map of Cerdanya is one of the key elements of the Border Landscape Plan of Cerdanya. It is published in paper format and also in digital, it is bilingual, in Catalan and French, and includes the main values and the main future strategies of the valley in the field of landscape.

Open the border landscape map (14,74Mb)


Map of the Andorran National Landscape Strategy at horizon 2035

Open the map

In 2019, the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability of the Government of Andorra asked the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia to advise on the updating of its National Landscape Strategy of Andorra (ENPA), approved on 27 April 2011. The collaboration between the Ministry and the Observatory resulted in the Map of the Andorran National Landscape Strategy for 2035, which includes the 4 principles of the new National Landscape Strategy, the 7 landscape quality objectives, the 28 lines of action to achieve them and the 66 key aspects of the Andorran landscape. The Strategy - and the Map - were approved by the Andorran Government on 7 December 2022, and a few days later, on 13 December, they were publicly presented together with the first 87 actions that should enable the landscape quality objectives of this new strategy to be achieved.

The National Landscape Strategy Map of Andorra was drawn up based on an innovative and intense participatory process involving several government ministries, the seven commonwealths, other key stakeholders in the Principality and the public at large, through various participatory mechanisms, from online questionnaires to participatory workshops, in-depth interviews, and even simultaneous work with some fifty online maps that were updated with contributions from the local authorities. Beyond the map itself, the cartography generated constitutes the same framework for work between the government, the commons and the stakeholders, favouring a good implementation and monitoring of the strategy.

The process of drawing up the Map has allowed for collective reflection on the landscape of the Principality, to gather the knowledge of the population, social and economic agents and institutions on the landscape and, in short, to involve Andorran society in the importance of the landscape.

Open the map (9,67Mb)


Seminars on local perspective

Publications on local perspective

Paisatge, desenvolupament rural i ciutadania
Landscape Planning at a Local Level in Europe
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