Number: 5

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Paisatge, economia i empresa

Series Reflexions

Nogué, Joan; Puigbert, Laura; Bretcha, Gemma (eds.)(2016).Paisatge, economia i empresa. Olot: Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya; ATLL, Concessionària de la Generalitat, SA. (Plecs de Paisatge; Reflexions; 5). ISBN: 978-84-617-6381-8

The landscape is increasingly a cornerstone of local development and a prime economic resource, and not just for the sectors directly involved therein, such as the tourism and wine production industries. There are a plethora of innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives with the potential to generate employment, which draw their inspiration from the landscape. Moreover, many companies decide to set up in one particular territory rather than another, owing to the fact that the landscape affords content and meaning to their product. These companies are the primary stakeholders in ensuring that the quality and uniqueness of the landscape where they set up is upheld and enhanced, as it lends them added value that is nigh-on irreplaceable. The landscape’s potential to deliver competitiveness and to attract business and entrepreneurial opportunities is ever more palpable, provided it has not been trivialised or its identity has not been lost. And this applies both to the conventional economy and to alternative economic sectors.


I. El paisatge com a factor competitiu i d’innovació dels territoris

El paisatge com a actiu per al desenvolupament

II. Instruments de finançament per la millora i gestió del paisatge

III. La iniciativa empresarial basada en el paisatge

Iniciatives, màrqueting i paisatge