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Repensant els jardins històrics. El passat en el present

16 and 17 June 2022
Espai Cràter. Olot

Historical gardens play a major role in the contemporary debate on landscape quality and its management. Beyond the gardens recognised in the official catalogues, in Catalonia there are many with important heritage values, often with little to no protection and sometimes in danger of disappearing. We find them halfhidden in the cloisters of monasteries and convents, municipal cemeteries, company towns or summer houses, among other public and private places. The seminar, organised with the support of the Catalan Ministry of Culture, aims to deepen the knowledge of their value, and encourage their conservation and promotion, generating new conceptual and instrumental frameworks that facilitate their adaptation to contemporary times.

We live in a particularly opportune time to reflect on what the role of the heritage garden should be today, given the new context of climate emergency, renaturalisation of cities and social demand for greater health and well-being. The potential therapeutic, community cohesion, equity and well-being-generating functions inherent in gardens - and, in particular, to historical gardens - make them ideal spaces for responding to new social and cultural demands.

Organised by: Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

With the support of: Ministry of Culture of the Catalan Government

With the collaboration of: Olot City Council

Organized by: Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya With the support of: Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya Collaborate: Ajuntament d'Olot

Firday 17th

Debat Bloc 3
Modera: Laura Puigbert (Català)
Sònia Hernández (Català)