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Adopt a Terrace: Supporting the mountains of the Brenta river valley

Adotta un Terrazzamento. Sostieni la montagna del canale di Brenta







Scope of application:



This initiative aims to recover the terraces around the Canale di Brenta, starting by making use of abandoned plots of land. The land was mainly recovered for agricultural use, but in some cases it has also been used for recreational purposes. In order to restore the terraces, the managing committee puts the abandoned terraces up for "adoption", with prior agreement from the owner. There are two types of adoptions: a direct adoption and an indirect adoption. In a direct adoption, the adopting person has to work on the land. For an indirect adoption, on the other hand, the adopting person pays an annual fee to finance the work carried out to restore the terraces. The terraces placed up for adoption can be found on two pilot areas in the Brenta river valley: in Val Verta and around Ponte Subito.

Source of funding:


Promoting stakeholders:

The committee 'Adopt a terrace in the River Brenta Valley', made up of the Municipality of Valstagna (Vicenza, Italy), the Terre Alte group of the Italian Alpine Club (national mountaineering association), and the Department of Geography of the University of Padova.



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