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Granollers Municipal Ordinance for the Uses of Landscape and Advertising

Ordenanša municipal dels usos del paisatge i de publicitat de Granollers







Scope of application:



The Granollers Municipal Ordinance for the Uses of Landscape and Advertising aims to regulate the uses and activities that produce an effect on different landscape types and elements, visual and scenic items, and their values, to ensure sustainable use of the landscape, landscape management, and preservation of the landscape's most noteworthy characteristics. The ordinance governs general aspects such as the colour chart, building illumination and other characteristics of urban landscape like exposed party walls. It also regulates the uses of peri-urban landscape, landscape comprising industrial estates, and advertising. The ordinance has the specific objectives of: establishing the concept of landscape as a public and shared asset, and generating the resources required for protecting, maintaining and improving it; creating a culture of heritage maintenance, which promotes the protection, conservation, valuation, dissemination and upholding of aesthetic, archaeological, architectural, historical, and social values and elements of interest; prioritising and promoting citizen participation in taking responsibility for maintaining and reclaiming landscape; and establishing the general conditions that the different elements of landscape are to adhere to.

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City Hall of Granollers



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