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Recovery of vacant lots in Villa Juan Pablo II

Recuperación de solares vacíos en la Villa Juan Pablo II







Scope of application:



The purpose of the project to recover vacant lots in Villa Juan Pablo II, in the commune of El Bosque in the province of Santiago, was to provide new opportunities for the development of sports activities for the local community, which has few economic resources. Villa Juan Pablo II is a community with a profound need to recover vacant lots, but it also benefits from a high degree of social organisation, which enabled the project to be carried out effectively and legitimately according to the methodology of perceptive language of the landscape, developed by the Corporación Patrimonio y Paisaje (a non-profit organisation devoted to studying the landscape), in a landscape where the local people feel a strong sense of belonging. This initiative was infused with concepts of identity and civic participation as fundamental elements of the design of spaces that may respond not only to the functional and recreational needs of each group of individuals, but also to the perceptive language of the landscape in which they live and recognise themselves. The project enabled the community to recover spaces that they can use for sports activities.

Source of funding:

Public and private

Promoting stakeholders:

Heritage and Landscape Corporation, Chile Environment Corporation, Municipality of El Bosque, the Government of Chile's General Directorate for Sport (DIGEDER - currently Chile Deportes)



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