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Bogota Hills Ecological and Recreational Corridor: city limit pact through social initiatives

Corredor Ecológico y Recreativo de los Cerros de Bogotá. Pacto de borde urbano a través de iniciativas sociales







Scope of application:



The project to create the Bogota Hills Ecological and Recreational Corridor (or the Eastern Limit Regional Corridor) aims to recover the landscape heritage of the Eastern Hills Forest Reserve, which limits the city of Bogota, by developing social inclusion initiatives. The Corridor stretches 53 kilometres from the northern to southern extremes of the city and employs three strategies to recover the spiritual value of the hills: a social strategy (city limit social pact) aimed at including the communities in sustainable management by creating agreements to protect and manage the area; a strategy to restore the natural landscape and recover its role as a place of connection recreationally, by involving the local population; and a third strategy that creates a space between the city limit and the Reserve for enjoying the landscape of the hills (with views of agricultural parks, nurseries of native species, viewpoints, scenic routes, networks of paths through the city, etc.). This is a mountain promotion project in which the leading roles are assumed by local residents, who are awakening memories and generating appreciation for the hills with their participation, in addition to increasing their quality of life. Since 2013, Bogota City Council has supported this initiative by signing the City Limit Pact.

Source of funding:

Public and private

Promoting stakeholders:

Fundación Cerros de Bogotá



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