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South Milan Agricultural Park

Parco Agricolo Sud Milano







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Starting in the early 20th century, Milan experienced uncontrolled urban growth that swallowed a good part of the rural landscape of the northern part of the province. Therefore, the authorities decided to protect the south by creating an agricultural park over 61 towns and 47,000 hectares. Situated in the fertile plain of the Po, 90% of this area is agricultural land in contact with a heavily human-influenced region and areas of great natural value. The park's objectives include protecting and recovering land located between the city and the country from a landscape and environmental point of view, monitoring the ecological balance in the metropolitan area, promoting agricultural and agroforestry activities and encouraging people to use the landscape for cultural and recreational purposes. One of the unique aspects of the park is that it is not just a top-down institutional initiative, but also has many bottom-up initiatives produced by local stakeholders that create agricultural areas in the park itself. Thus, the park's management entails a constant dialogue between the stakeholders in the form of coordination and participatory actions and agreements reached with farmers in favour of specific interventions that balance economic profit with care for the environment and the landscape.

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Provincial government of Milan



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