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The Photographic Cross-border Landscape Observatory (Observatoire photographique transfrontalier des paysages) is an initiative to artistically interpret the area that involves the residents in preserving and improving the landscapes of the Hainaut Cross-border Nature Park. Its aim is to serve as an accessible tool to ease the exchange of different perceptions of the landscape among all stakeholders in the region (public servants, experts, professionals and the general public). Thus, the Observatory's work is based on collecting and displaying temporal series of geo-referenced and localisable photographs of the Park to track the evolution of the landscape, understand the changes that have taken place there and prevent future changes while promoting sustained participation among the population and serving as a support for making policy decisions. Each landscape stakeholder selects a point that it photographs at different times, adding information such as the location, the point of view, the main things observed and a record of the qualities of the photograph. The Observatory organises seminars and exhibitions and carries out studies that complete the information and involve the population more.

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