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Comprehensive and participatory urban regeneration project in the Virgen de Begoņa (VdB) neighbourhood in Madrid

Proyecto de regeneraciķn urbana integral y participativa en el barrio de la Virgen de Begoņa de Madrid (VdB)







Scope of application:



The purpose of this project is to regenerate the neighbourhood of Virgen de Begoņa in Madrid based on the proposals made by local residents from the beginning and the gradual involvement of the rest of the stakeholders later (experts, government, developers, etc.). The local residents are given a key role to play in making decisions and in transforming their surroundings with the general aim of creating identity and love for a place and bringing about formal and social change. The interventions proposed refer to the environmental, social and economic improvement of the neighbourhood while guaranteeing the maximum level of participation through information sessions, seminars, community festivals, participatory games, the use of social networks, etc. The initiative ends with significant effort exerted to inform and notify neighbourhood residents, to help them to participate, as well as the general public, to explain the project (webs, blogs, social networks, seminars, etc.).

Source of funding:

Public and volunteer

Promoting stakeholders:

Group Paisaje Transversal and Residents Association of the neighbourhood of Virgen de Begoņa, with the support of Madrid City Council



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