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Caldes Stream 2.0. Civic cartography

Riera de Caldes 2.0. Cartografia ciutadana







Scope of application:



Riera de Caldes 2.0 (Caldes Stream 2.0) is a scientific divulgation project aimed at producing a civic cartography around the river landscape of the greater metropolitan area (Santa Perpčtua de Mogoda, Palau-solitā i Plegamans and Caldes de Montbui). In the workshop, local compulsory secondary education students become researchers responsible for the systematic collection of sensitive material around the stream and propose ideas to improve the area, which they share with local residents through a specially created web portal. The students have a major role in leading the commitment to a more sustainable and balanced metropolitan environment where nature and the city co-exist. The action proposed is innovative because it helps to reveal the particular experiences and perceptions of the many users of the river setting. In this sense, ICTs provide proper support for disseminating the results while a supportive community is built in the area. The activity ends with an exhibition at the municipal youth centre (Espai Jove) and the delivery of a digital website on the stream to the residents associations, the city council and the local media.

Source of funding:


Promoting stakeholders:

Urban Planning Department Laboratory (LAU) of the School of Architecture (ESARQ) at the International University of Catalonia (UIC), the town of Palau-solitā and Plegamans and the Ramon Casas i Carbó Institute



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