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Vitoria-Gasteiz Green Belt

Vitoria-Gasteizko Eraztun Berdea




The Basque Country



Scope of application:



The Anillo Verde (Green Belt) is a set of peri-urban parks of high ecological and scenic value strategically interlinked through eco-recreational corridors. The project aims to restore and recover the landscape of the area around Vitoria-Gasteiz from the environmental and social point of view to create a large green area around the city for recreational use. After almost 20 years of development, the Green Belt unites five established parks totalling 645 hectares, but it is expected to end up covering 960 hectares of peri-urban parks that people will be able to traverse unbroken on foot or on bicycle and that will link the urban environment of the city with the natural landscape of the outskirts. The Green Belt has a great diversity of settings of notable natural wealth, with prominent spaces such as the recovered wetlands of Salburua and the ecosystem of the Zadorra River. From the social and public use point of view, it provides excellent leisure opportunities in contact with nature and is an ideal space for holding educational and environmental awareness activities and initiatives. One element of the Green Belt's public use management strategy that must be stressed is the need to make the conservation of natural values compatible with the affluence of the people and public use of the space. Thus, the Green Belt was designed seeking to provide the space with the infrastructure necessary to encourage public use, while restricting this use in the most sensitive places.

Source of funding:

Public and private

Promoting stakeholders:

Centre of Environmental Studies of Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, with the support of other public or private institutions such as the European Union, the Ministry of the Environment, the Basque Government and Caja Vital (previously Caja de Ahorros de Vitoria y Álava).



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