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Vila-seca network of urban parks and natural spaces

Xarxa de parcs urbans i espais naturals de Vila-seca







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Since 2002, Vila-seca City Council has undertaken several landscape renovation projects in some strategic urban and peri-urban spaces to give them new value, turn them into places for public enjoyment and raise the quality of life in an area where tourist infrastructure and the petrochemical industry define part of the character of the landscape. These projects took place in the peri-urban park of La Torre d'en Dolça (an old landfill turned into a public park covering 36.9 hectares where the main features of the landscape of Camp de Tarragona are represented for visitors to explore through an internal path network) and the Pinar de Perruquet urban park, a coastal area covering 2.8 hectares occupied by a pine wood that had previously been threatened by dynamics of urban development. Vila-seca City Council is joining these places through a connecting green route that will also include the Sèquia Major Area of Natural Interest, while forming an integrated system of urban and peri-urban parks that expand the possibilities for recreation and exploring the landscape while also improving the quality of a predominantly industrial and tourist town.

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Town of Vila-seca



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