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Rec.0 Experimental Stores







Scope of application:



Twice per year, the Rec.0 Experimental Stores initiative transforms the Rec neighbourhood in Igualada (an old industrial district, formed by an old three-kilometre water canal, active tanneries and old factories in disuse from the 19th and 20th centuries) into fashion clothing shops where top brands sell their stocks and samples at bargain prices. The objective is to inform the local population and the rest of the country about this historical industrial landscape and give it new value and a new use linked to the creativity of the fashion world. Rec.0 Experimental Stores is not just an initiative linked to fashion—it also organises cultural activities such as concerts, poetry recitals, exhibitions and screenings, among other things, that breathe new life into this industrial landscape for a few days per year.

Source of funding:

Public and private

Promoting stakeholders:

Friends of Rec, Town of Igualada, Anoia County Council, Trade Consortium, Craft and Fashion of Catalonia, Government of Catalonia and Rec Stores



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