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Local quality regulation of Neerijnen

Welstandsbeleid Neerijnen







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The city of Neerijnen is near the Waal River, nestled in a landscape of floodplains used for agriculture and dykes and canals that shape the character of the landscape. The local residents appreciate their landscape, which is why the city views it as essential to make sure that new development is consistent with the quality of the landscape and helps to enrich its cultural heritage at the same time. The Welstandsbeleid (which could be translated as ‘local regulation for quality') aims to serve as a framework document that establishes the main characteristics of the aesthetic quality or image of the city. In this case, the Welstandsbeleid is also considered a framework for evaluating all development plans in the city. The regulations were created with intensive participation from interest groups and the general public, which allowed for the plan to be fully accepted and for local knowledge about the landscape to be added to it. The Welstandsbeleid includes a description of the history and development of the city of Neerijnen and of the constructive features found in each area. Once the analysis is done, the quality of the landscape is evaluated and an entire series of criteria is established to guarantee and improve its quality. These criteria are applicable to commercial, residential and agricultural buildings, dykes and areas of economic activity. The criteria, which are binding for obtaining building and installation licenses, are exemplified with illustrations to make them easier to understand. Maps in digital format may also be viewed on its website.

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