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Ordinance guide-model for the landscape of Alt Penedès: proposed municipal regulation for the rural and peri-urban landscape

Guia-model d'ordenança del paisatge de l'Alt Penedès. Proposta de regulació municipal del paisatge rural i periurbà







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A result of the landscape charter of Alt Penedès signed in 2004, the municipal ordinance guide-model regulating the rural and peri-urban landscape is an instrument provided by Alt Penedès County Council to guide all town councils in the county interested in establishing landscape regulations. The ordinance model is intended to regulate spaces and buildings used for agriculture and winegrowing from a landscape perspective; forest areas and residential areas; industrial, commercial and service sector spaces and sectors of economic activity; road networks; service infrastructure; mining activities; and the river network in order to improve landscape integration and quality. Interested town councils may adapt an ordinance model to suit their landscape regulations and needs that will be binding and enforceable once it is approved. Furthermore, the criteria collected in the ordinance guide-model may be used to make occasional additions to spatial planning in the towns and resolve specific problems.

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Alt Penedès County Council



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