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Guidelines for planning and scheduling the PLU of Narbonne

Orientation d'Aménagement et de Programmation du PLU de Narbonne







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The temporary version of the planning and scheduling guidelines (or OAPs, from the French Orientation d'Aménagement et de Programmation) of the local urban development plan (PLU) for the city of Narbonne is a set of orientative, almost project-specific regulations applicable to some strategic sectors defined in the PLU based on the assessment and proposal of objectives created by the plan, which need not be areas of new urban development because consolidated urban areas are also reconsidered. The OAPs are binding and enforceable, since they form part of urban planning standards (Article L123-1-4 of the French Urban Planning Code). The OAPs of the PLU of Narbonne deal with environmental, landscape and heritage aspects, as well as urban planning needs, under a shared vision so that comprehensive solutions are obtained in each strategic sector, classified according to their objective: places for restructuring avenues and urban connections, places for integrating new residential areas and managing the transition between the city and the country, places for integrating new residential areas and promoting functional diversity, places for entering the city that must be rezoned and places for developing a dynamic economy. Another important feature of the OAPs of Narbonne is their presentation in highly detailed city maps that situate and graphically express each objective and proposal for action to be carried out in each strategic area.

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