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Quality plan of Kromme Rijngebied

Beeldkwaliteitplan Kromme Rijngebied







Scope of application:



The quality plan for Kromme Rijn (or BKP, from the Dutch Beeldkwaliteitplan) is an initiative launched by six local towns and the landscape conservationist foundation Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht, which aims to specify the results of the landscape development plan created for the same area (Landschapsontwikkelingsplan Krommerijngebied). The goals of the BKP include maintaining and improving the quality of the landscape of the area, especially in the face of new development that takes place. Specifically, it aims to offer the tools and examples necessary to strengthen the characteristics of the landscape of the place, provide guidelines so that new development contributes to the quality of the landscape and serve as a framework for coordination among neighbours, stakeholders and the government to carry out actions in favour of the landscape. The BKP deals with the built objects of the landscape, especially with regard to image, aesthetics and perception, but attention is also paid to how they fit in with their surroundings. It also deals with open spaces, infrastructure and the uses that each sector may have and proposes guidelines on how new developments must be established to maintain and improve the quality of the landscape analysed in each area. The content of the plan is highly graphic, designed as an easy informational tool for application by all stakeholders and the general public.

Source of funding:


Promoting stakeholders:

Towns of Bilt, Zeist, Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Bunnik, Houten and Wijk bij Duurstede and the Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht Foundation



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