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Landscape plan of the city of Norderstedt

Stadt Norderstedt Landschafstplan







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The landscape plan of the city of Norderstedt (Stadt Norderstedt Landschafstplan) aims to establish measures to conserve nature in the entire municipal area, from the urban part to the outskirts, with 2020 as the target. Among other objectives, it aspires to protect and create ecological networks; protect, restore, develop and maintain habitats and the species that live in them; protect the quality of the soil, water, air and climate; eliminate adverse affects on the natural environment; and protect historical and cultural landscapes and characteristic landscapes of particular importance. The plan is highly focused on the ecology of the landscape and gives an exhaustive description of all the natural elements of the habitats, landscape and recreational uses of the area, evaluating their sensitivity, risks and opportunities. The measures are established according to the classification of landscape elements (open-space system, natural environment and historical and cultural landscape) and are largely protectionist or conservationist in nature. The landscape plan includes extensive maps of the elements analysed and shows where the priorities for action to protect and develop the land, nature and the landscape are located. It must be noted that the content of the landscape plan has been added to the municipal spatial plan of Bauleitpläne according to the provisions of the federal nature conservation law of the land of Schleswig-Holstein (LNatSchG) and the urban planning code (BauGB).

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City of Norderstedt (Stadt Norderstedt)



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