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66. July-September 2020
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

The immensity of the landscape

Lucas Períes
Professor and researcher at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and Universidad Católica de Córdoba. Director of the UCC Landscape Institute, Argentina. www.lucasperies.com

I’ve been wondering for a long time: How big is a landscape? The global health crisis we are going through has confined us to our homes, but that doesn’t mean we no longer perceive and live in relation to the landscape. Proof of this are the results of the call “The landscape through my window” – which is reviewed in this same Observatory newsletter – in which we received 412 illustrated reflections on confinement, views from 31 countries. The quarantine allowed me to reflect on it, ask more questions and find possible answers:
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New publication of the Landscape Observatory: La carretera en el paisatge
The tenth issue of the “Plecs de Paisatge” collection, entitled La carretera en el paisatge (The Road in the Landscape), collects the results of the eponymous seminar held in May 2018 in the auditorium of the Catalan Ministry of Territory and Sustainability in Barcelona. It was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Directorate General for Tourism of the Catalan Ministry of Business and Knowledge. The publication deals beyond the integration of the road in the landscape, with a series of aspects generally little considered, such as the patrimonial value, the didactic potential or the maximizing of landscape diversity through the tourist and leisure experiences. [+]
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Phase one of participation in Andorra landscape map ends
The map of the landscape of Andorra will be the basis for a new Andorra National Landscape Strategy promoted by the Directorate for Environment and Sustainability of the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability. During the first half of 2020, interviews were carried out with the municipalities and with the representatives and technicians of many of the Andorran ministries. An online workshop was also organized with the main entities and companies involved in the Andorran landscape. The aim of these first interviews and workshops was to agree on the general principles, objectives and actions of the strategy that the landscape map must capture cartographically. During this second half of the year it is planned to undertake a web questionnaire and hold meetings with the comuns (town councils) in order to identify the main elements that the map must include. 
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International competition 'The landscape through my window'
In the current context of the pandemic, and with the aim of reflecting collectively on the landscape in times of coronavirus, during the month of April the Landscape Institute of the Universidad Católica de Córdoba (Argentina), together with the Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI), proposed a space to express and share landscapes of isolation (physical, mental, emotional). This excellent video collects the 52 works selected by the jury, among the 412 submitted from 31 different countries.
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'Sounds on the balcony': the soundscape of lockdown in Catalonia
The Media Technology Research Group (GTM) of La Salle-URL and the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal) have launched a study that aims to testify to the impact that being confined has had on citizens’ perceptions of the acoustic environment of their homes. The goal is to collect samples – in the form of videos recorded from balconies and answers to a questionnaire – that serve to analyse the noises of the surroundings and Catalan citizens’ perception of the variation of their soundscape and thus draw a map of Catalonia that defines the soundscape of the region.
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The Observatory takes part in a pilot test of a scenic road on the C-233, between Les Borges Blanques and Flix
The General Directorate of Mobility Infrastructures of the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability of the Catalan Government applies to the criteria of the report “Carreteres, paisatge i turisme. Bases per a la definició d’un model per a Catalunya” (Roads, landscape and tourism. Bases for the definition of a model for Catalonia), prepared by the 'Observatory last 2019, in a pilot test of a scenic road, specifically on the C-233, between Les Borges Blanques and Flix. The road, originally historic, crosses two landscape units: Garrigues Altes and Costers de l’Ebre. The Observatory evaluates the project, which is also managed by the General Directorate of Tourism of the Ministry of Business and Knowledge. On July 3 there was a working session in the area with most of the various agents in the territory.
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La Vora de Girona project, awarded by the Landezine International Landscape Award
La Vora project, designed by Martí Franch study and executed by Girona City Council, has won the LILA 2020 award (International Landezine Landscape Award) in the infrastructure category. It is an ambitious city establishment that wants to develop through all natural spaces of Girona, frequently disconnected, and create a large accessible green infrastructure of 600 hectares with the aim of managing the spaces that are now the natural environment and the urban environment (“edge” spaces) of the city to enhance its environmental, landscape and heritage attributes. The purpose is to get the nature and landscape closer to citizens to play sports, leisure or discover of nature.
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Cultivating Continuity of the European Landscape
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the European Landscape Convention in Florence (20 October 2000) promoted by the Council of Europe, UNISCAPE is organizing a Conference with the aim of bringing the landscape dimension to the center of a international debate as a cornerstone of 21st century Europe. The event will be take place virtually on 15, 16 and 17 October, inspired by the theme : "Cultivating the Continuity of European Landscapes. New challenges for the ELC", and it will include three thematic sessions: Landscape Policy and Governance; Landscape Design and Time; Observing Landscape. The director of the Landscape Observatory, Pere Sala, is member of the Scientific Committee of the Conference.
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Wikipedra Update
The collaborative Wikipedra portal has increased his features thanks to the collaboration of Ariège Pyrenees Regional Natural Park. Data from Wikipedra may not only be used to widen the scope of action in this new territory but can also be downloaded in vector format. The files for each construction can be shared on social networks, also.
Territoris pel Paisatge
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Every year, Oliverart brings new values to the viewpoint of the Coll de la Bovera, in La Granadella
The third edition of the Oliverart 2020 project, promoted by the Center for the Culture of Oil of Catalonia (CCOC), located in La Granadella, has selected five works of art; two of them have been installed on the sculptural promenade from the viewpoint of the Coll de la Bovera, from which you can see a wide panorama of Terres de l'Ebre. Oliverart annually calls for artistic projects related to painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, video art or any form of contemporary creation, under the theme of rurality, nature, or landscape. The two works selected this year are 'Buida-ment', by Marta Pruna, and 'El cor del mirador', by Susana Malagón. The CCOC wants to consolidate Oliverart as one of the reference art and landscape spaces in Terres de Lleida.
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Paysages de l'aprés petrole
Website of the group Paysages de l’après-pétrole (Post-oil Landscapes), which aims to give the landscape a central role in regional planning policies, in the context of the energy transition and the transition to sustainable development. It is about contributing to the success of this transition based on landscape approaches open to the active participation of citizens and contributing to territorial projects focused on social, economic and ecological development.
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New design for Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia Digital Map Library
Since 23 April, the Library has a new design that facilitates the consultation and free download of the more than 75,000 documents, maps and photographs available. Now the design of the Map Library adapts to the screens of all types of electronic devices, and its images can be downloaded in both high and low resolution. To facilitate the consultation of its 33 thematic collections, the documents are classified as: maps of Catalonia, maps of the world, images and views, and unique collections.
Arxiu d'Imatges Catàleg de paisatge de les Comarques Centrals
Rafael López-MonnéAdriana OlsinaOriol Clavera
Oriol ClaveraRafael López-MonnéRafael López-Monné
Arqueologia de paisagens múltiplas: ver, ouvir e sentir o lugar. Jackeline de Macedo. [S.l.]: Paisagens Híbridas, 2020. ISBN: 978 85 699 702 00.
A book for the general public where archaeology and landscape come together to interpret the territory through various disciplines, divided into categories such as image and heritage, painting and representation or religious landscape, among others.
Perfect day. Txema Salvans. Londres: Mack Books, 2020. ISBN: 978-1-912339-68-6.
The leisure spots of post-industrial society are photographed by Txema Salvans in this publication. Most of the photographs were taken on the beach or near the sea, although the sea is always invisible, because Salvans positions himself between the water and the characters, reversing the direction of his gaze. As a result, what the camera shows us is the degraded perspective the figures want to turn their backs on.
Espais literaris. Victòria Ricart i Delgà. Girona: Diputació de Girona, 2020. (Quaderns de la Revista de Girona; 206 ). ISBN: 978-84-15808-86-2.
This notebook takes a tour of the most outstanding places and landscapes in Girona that have been a source of inspiration for many writers. The author explains that “this region’s great diversity of landscapes has been a determining factor in many writers choosing the area”.
Legislación y paisaje. Un debate abierto en México. Armando Alonso Navarrete, Martín Manuel Checa-Artasu (coord.). México: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Ascapotzalco, 2019. ISBN: 978-607-28-1745-6.
This post represents a possible point of connection between the world of jurists and legislators who construct the laws with that of landscape experts and scholars.
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