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61. April-June 19
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Final Resting Places: A needed visibility

Marta García Carbonero
Architect, Professor of Landscape and Garden at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid

Final resting places are also among the least visible. Spaces for the dead slowly began to occupy locations that were increasingly on the periphery of cities from the time the reforms of the Enlightenment expelled them from urban centres. The initial fear of contracting diseases favoured their isolation in grounds with no links to the exterior other than paths flanked by cypresses that connected them to the cities. Around 1900, when new public transport networks made it possible to locate them in cheap land far away from city centres, cemeteries were able to connect more closely with their surroundings. [+]
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Landscape, Agriculture and Women, the next symposium
The International symposium “Landscape, agriculture and women” will be held on the coming 9 and 10th May 2019, in the Refetor Auditorium of the Cartoixa d’Escaladei (Priorat). It intends to create links between landscapes, initiatives and projects from around the world that work from the perspective of tradition and innovation to recognise resilient agrarian models that demonstrate the viability of systems that are adapted to the idiosyncrasies of their territories and provide a dignified life to the people who live in it and build it day by day. They are models in which the role of women is of prime importance both in day to day routines and the transmission of knowledge. [+]
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The Landscape Observatory will receive the New Territorial Culture Awards in May 30
The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia has been awarded the management category to the sixth edition of the Premios Nueva Cultura del Territorio (New Territorial Culture Awards). The New Culture of the Territory Prize, with no financial resources, is promoted by the Association of Spanish Geographers and the College of Geographers, and aims to promote a new culture of the territory through the recognition of people, entities and institutions, who have contributed in a relevant way to the impulse of an order and management of the territory based on values of environmental sustainability, economic efficiency and social equity.
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New participative workshops of the Penedes Landscape Catalogue
A participative process within the framework of the Catàleg de paisatge del Penedès (Penedes Landscape Catalogue) is underway to obtain knowledge of the perceptions and details of this landscape. The Landscape Observatory is organising four sessions in workshop format that will be held on June, where the goals and proposals of the Penedes Landscape Catalogue will be broached.
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Approved the Landscape Strategy in Mallorca
The plenary of the Insular council of Mallorca approved the Landscape Strategy of Mallorca on 14th February 2019 with the intention of promoting and developing a specific and coordinated strategy to safeguard landscaping values and the management of territorial changes that are respectful and integrated in the features of the landscapes.  
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Videos of the Seminar on Refuge Landscapes
Videos of the Seminar Paisatges refugi (Refuge Landscapes) organised by the Catalan Landscape Observatory last 13th December are now available. In a fatigued and speeded-up world, where sound is ever present, more and more people seek landscapes in which they can find themselves or through which they can simply escape. Whatever these places are like, they all act as refuge landscapes which clamour and call for values echoed by the Observatory. You can watch the videos here.
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IV Conference on the Landscape of Gran Canaria
The involvement of citizens in the management and planning of the landscape has been one of the central themes of the fourth edition of the Conference on the Landscape of Gran Canaria, organized by the Landscape Observatory of Gran Canaria, of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, on 13 and 14 March in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium. The first day was devoted to the valuation of the landscape on society, and the second one to shared synergies between landscape, infrastructures and tourism. Pere Sala i Martí, director of the Catalan Landscape Observatory, was one of the speakers who dealt with different actions that the Observatory had undertaken with the participation of citizens.

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What's New in the website Els últims paisatges (Last Landscapes)
The website of the project “Els últims paisatges. Patrimoni funerari” (Last Landscapes. Funerary Heritage) has been updated with information on the cemeteries of two more municipalities, specifically of Alt Penedès and Baix Penedès. The project, in which the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia has collaborated with l’Associació Coementerium,  was presented last February in Vielha. It approaches funerary heritage from a more global and integrating perspective, as a landscape heritage.
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New Law for conservation of the natural environment, of biodiversity and of the landscape of Andorra
Last 7th February, the General Council of the Government of Andorra passed Law 7/2019 on conservation of the natural environment, of biodiversity and of the landscape. The text became the first legal standard to protect the natural environment, biodiversity and the landscape in Andorra. Regarding landscape, the text recognizes landscape as an essential component of the life of the inhabitants and lays out the general obligations of preservation and conservation that must serve to inspire the actions of administrations. The law can be downloaded here.

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The video Landscapes belong to everyone has been subtitled in Slovene
The International Committee for the Protection of the Slovenian Alps (CIPRA) has subtitled the Catalan Landscape Observatory’s video Landscapes belong to everyone in Slovene. Slovenia does not have a national policy on landscape but ratified the European Convention on Landscape in 2004. They are carrying out several activities, among others, that of raising awareness of the landscape, within the project of “Protection and development of the landscape: basis for a landscape policy”. You can see the different versions of the video here.
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Photography exhibition in the MOT festival
The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia is participating yet again this year in the MOT Festival of Literature Girona – Olot, by organising the exhibition “Literary Landscapes of the Mediterranean” that was inaugurated on the 18th March and that can be visited until 14th April 2019 in Can Trincheria in Olot. The exhibition contains photographs taken by students from the Escola d’Art d’Olot based on fragments of literary texts from authors who participated in the MOT Festival 2019.
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Map layers available of the Transborder Landscape of the Cerdanya
The layers, six in all, of the Mapa de paisatge transfronterer de la Cerdanya (Transborder Landscape Map of the Cerdanya) can be downloaded in Shape format. This map is one of the key pieces of the Pla de paisatge transfronterer de la Cerdanya, (Transborder Landscape Plan of the Cerdanya) published in paper and digital format. It is bilingual, in Catalan and French, and includes the main values and future strategies of the area in relation to landscapes.
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The International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens 2019
The Scientific Committee of Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche has unanimously decided to dedicate the thirtieth edition of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens (2019) to the “tea gardens of Dazhangshan” situated in Wuyuan County in the north-east of Jiangxi Province, in south China. The local tea estates are located on the rolling foothills of Mount Dazhang: undulating plantations with distinctive tidy rows of hedges bounded by the forests above and by the rice paddies in the valleys below.The tea plant (Camellia sinensis) has shaped the local contemporary landscape that reflects history, projecting into the future the value of a rural environment where humans have established a harmonious relationship with nature.
Territoris pel Paisatge
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Initiative to guarantee generational transfer in the farming population
The Priorat has activated the machinery to make the land bank work. It is an instrument that will safeguard the transfer between generations of farmers and, at the same time, the agrarian mosaic of the district. The aging rate of the population of the Priorat is high and the farming community is suffering its effects. The land bank is one of the entities that is included in the candidacy for the Priorat Landscape to be declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO.
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Presentation of the Management and Development Plan of the Rural Park of Montserrat
The Rural Park of Montserrat, a project created to develop the agri-food activity of the municipalities that surround the mountain of Montserrat, presented its Management and Development Plan last March, a milestone highlighted in the path started in 2004 for 16 municipalities and the Diputació de Barcelona. The Management and Development Plan of the Rural Park of Montserrat seeks to become a European benchmark in promoting agricultural activity in rural areas.
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Landscape First
Landscape First is a cultural space formed by university researchers, professionals from the field of landscape and garden architecture, young actors in the area of public art and youth enamoured with gardening and ecology, that aims to spread a modern and innovative European culture of the landscape and the common good and awareness of the right to beauty for the inhabitants of cities of the 21st century.
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Paisatges Salvats
L’Associació de Naturalistes de Girona (ANG), l’Associació de Defensa del Patrimoni Natural del Pla de l’Estany (Limnos) and Iaeden-Salvem l’Empordà, have started a participative process called Saved Landscapes lasting until July. This is an opportunity to value the work in defence of the territory undertaken by ecologist entities and to publicise the ecosystem services of the landscapes that have been preserved thanks to social mobilisation.
Arxiu d'Imatges
Observatori del Paisatge de CatalunyaJordi SalinasAntoni Luna Garcia
Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya Observatori del Paisatge de CatalunyaÀngela Llop Farré
Jordi GrauJordi GrauObservatori del Paisatge de Catalunya
Fare Paesaggio = Making Landscape = Faire Paysage = Landschaft Machen: Premio triennale 2016
Giorgio Tecilla; Giuseppe Altieri; Laura Gobber. Trento: Osservatorio del Paesaggio Trentino, 2018. ISBN: 9788890461187.

This book includes a selection of projects and initiatives for the preservation, management and improvement of the alpine landscape presented at the 2016 edition of the Fare Paesaggio Award organized by the l'Osservatorio del Paesaggio della Provincia Autonoma di Trento.
The waiting game II
Txema Salvans. Barcelona: RM Verlag, 2018. ISBN: 978-84-16282-91-3.

This book is the continuation of the project with which Txema Salvans won the Fotolibro RM 2012 competition. If in the first book the characters that are waiting are the prostitutes, in the second, the protagonists are the fishermen of droughts, reservoirs or ports. Fishermen, in a word, with infinite resilience who only look for ways to escape from their quotidian routines. Txema Salvans underlines that all the waiting occurs in the same geographic space by publishing two books that are exactly the same and where the only movements are those of the word “Waiting”.

What is landscape?
Michael Jakob. Trento: LISt Lab, 2018. ISBN: 9788898774999.

Contemporary debate on the landscape is no longer expressed through the idiolectic exclusion of a social class. From being marginal it has become central, even essential for philosophy and geography. This book recognises the importance of eco-theory in contemporary thought, exploring the limits of its study and the new horizons it opens.   
Il paesaggio tra conflittualità e integrazione
Benedetta Castiglioni; Clemente Pio Santacroce; Chiara Quaglia; Angelica Dal Pozo. Padova: Cleup, 2018. ISBN: 978-88-5495-010-8.  

This book is a collection of the contents of the IV edition of the training course for technicians and professionals promoted by the l'Observatori Regional del Paisatge del Veneto (Regional Landscape Observatory of the Veneto), held at the University of Padua in the autumn of 2017. “The Landscape in between Conflict and Integration” is the subject dealt with during the course which uses a multidisciplinary approach and a reading at several levels aimed at encouraging reflection.
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