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54. July-Septembre 17
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

The right to landscape in Latin America

Roberto Mulieri
President of the Federation of Nodes in the Landscape Network of Argentina (RAP), Coordinator of the Legal Node of the Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI), Coordinator of the Governing Council of the Exaltacion de La Cruz Landscape Observatory (OPC

Next year, 2018, will see the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Landscape Network of Argentina (RAP). In 2008, in the city of Rosario, various landscape professionals came together to call upon different groups, organisations, research centres, NGOs and academia in our country with the goal of reformulating the theoretical framework, ethical principles and activity in the field of landscape; the Landscape Network of Argentina was born. This initiative was based on clear objectives: to create spaces for collective building and training; to articulate and establish cooperative relationships with other similar networks; to promote an intensive academic exchange of experiences; and at our core to serve as a permanent forum for discussion on all matters related to landscape, as part of both our natural and cultural heritage.  
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New seminar on Landscape and image: photography
On 19 and 20 October 2017, Girona will be home to the first edition of the Landscape and image biennial seminar, which will be dedicated to photography and is organised by the Landscape Observatory and Centre for Research and Dissemination of Images of Girona City Council. The biennial this year will examine the role of photography as a tool for interpreting and managing the countryside, as well as exploring new landscape photography. [+]
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The method behind the digital version of landscape catalogues
The book Landscape catalogues of Catalonia. Methodology, published earlier this year in Catalan and English, is now available in digital format on the Observatory’s website. The publication was published jointly by the company ATLL Concessionària de la Generalitat and the Landscape Observatory. This is the third volume in the “Documents” series, and it aims to make the methodology used by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia in drawing up landscape catalogues available to everyone.
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New publication on rural development and citizen collaboration
The publication Paisatge, desenvolupament rural i ciutadania. Bones pràctiques de col·laboració ciutadana en la gestió del paisatge a Europa [Landscape, rural development and citizenship. Best practices in citizen collaboration in landscape management in Europe], available in paper and digital formats, offers a selection of ten best practices in citizen collaboration in landscape management and planning in Europe. The document is the result of the LEADER COL·LABORAxPAISATGE collaborative project. [+]
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Starting point for future cooperation between Occitania and Catalonia
On 11 May 2017, the Landscape Observatory outlined the landscape policies of Catalonia at a conference in Carcassonne, organised by Réseau Paysage Occitan (the Occitan Landscape Network). The conference was dedicated to the exchange of experiences related to landscape management and policy between Occitania and Catalonia, and will serve as a base for future cross-border initiatives, with stakeholders from both sides. [+]
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The Lanzarote Cactus Garden awarded the 2017 Carlo Scarpa Prize
The Lanzarote Cactus Garden has been awarded the Carlo Scarpa prize in recognition of the work by Cesar Manrique and his ideals of beauty. The Benetton Foundation, which awards the prize, believed the garden conveys the aesthetic sensibility of Manrique and transmits a desire to leave a footprint of a past time. [+]
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Pilot Course: Low Carbon Tourism Destinations & Low Carbon Rural Development
Between 8 and 19 May, the second pilot project was held within the Erasmus+ project, titled Towards Low Carbon Societies, which explores methodologies and proposals for achieving a more sustainable future with less carbon emissions, in accordance with European commitments. The Landscape Observatory is a partner to the project, and has participated and collaborated with the pilot course. The results are available here. [+]
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The Landscape and the local perspective website adds new contents
This website of the Observatory, which has been active since 2013 and is available in Catalan, Spanish and English, has now updated its contents. Specifically, information has been added to the sections "Tools", "Cases of interest" and "Documents". The website contains a variety of the main experiences and information existing all around the world about landscape promotion at a local level, and they make them available to councils, groups of municipalities, local entities, specialised people and the general public that may interest.
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(Un)doing territory, a seminar on rethinking territory and taking back spaces
On 17 June in Torroella de Montgrí, a conference was held titled (Des)fer el territori. Pràctiques culturals i regeneració del paisatge [(Un)doing territory. Cultural practices and landscape regeneration]. World-renowned speakers took part throughout the morning to speak about deurbinisation, landscape and art, and in the afternoon, they visited La Pletera where two artistic projects were presented and a performance was held at the electrics hut. [+]
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'Speaking with plants to reach a landscape'
The Artistas Salchichas were at the Sismògraf festival in Olot to present their show, "Hablar con las plantas para llegar a un paisaje" [Speaking with plants to reach a landscape], in which they invited guests to go on a bicycle tour through a staged route, a unique cycling opportunity to enjoy an alternative view of one of the most iconic landscapes in Olot. This show revolved around landscape and our relationship with nature. You can watch the video here.
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Participatory project: Viu la riera!
The Viu la riera! Project [Live the River!] was conceived as a way to encourage public participation in the rehabilitation of river areas, specifically that of Caldes and the surrounding areas. To make it possible, they used Geographic Information System for Public Participation (GISPP), a web tool that helps collect the opinions, interests and views of people as to the river areas and incorporate them into actions taken to improve the quality of these river areas.
Prise en compte du paysage dans les documents d'urbanisme

Guide for a better integration of landscape in the different urban planning instruments of France (Regional and Interdepartmental Department for Environment and Energy of Ille-de-France, 2016).

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Narrando paisajes: 100 paisajes culturales de España
This platform offers information on a selection of 100 cultural landscapes in Spain, explains what a cultural landscape is, why they are part of our heritage and what their main features are.
Paisajes Habitados: talleres de exploración y representación del territorio
Marta somoza (coord.). Ourense: Colectivo Re.Creo, 2016. ISBN: 978-84-617-7128-8.

A joint book by participating artists and professionals working with the territory from various areas that includes reflections and work on everyday landscapes that are close to us, with a special focus on how they are observed and represented by children.
Cimetières et tombeaux: patrimoine funéraire français
Bertrand, Régis; Groud, Guénola (dir.). Paris: Éditions du Patrimoine, Centre des monuments nationaux, 2016. ISBN: 978-2-7577-0450-9.

Thirty specialists join together in this book to explain the history and evolution of French funerary heritage from 1804 to the present day. They describe 15 outdoor 'museums' with several images.
Curare la terra. Luoghi, pratiche, esperienze = Caring for the land. Places, practices, experiences
Boschiero, Patrizia; Latini, Luigi; Zanon, Simonetta. . Treviso: Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche-Antiga, 2017.

Italian-English bilingual book, the result of the eponymous seminar held in 2014 organised by the Benetton Foundation, part of a series of historical and philosophical reflections expressing a new culture and sense of responsibility towards the land and landscape.

Manual de integración paisajística de explotaciones mineras
Díez, Ignacio; López, Carlos; Mataix, Carmen. Madrid: Grupo de Proyectos de Ingeniería, 2017. ISBN: 978-84-96140-57-8.

This book is a manual for integrating mining activities into landscape with a holistic approach, taking into account environmental, cultural, social-visual and economic factors.
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