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53. April-June 17
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Letter of Joan Nogué

Director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Twelve years have gone by since December 2004 when the founding of the Consortium of Landscape Observatory of Catalonia was approved and I was asked to take the helm.

Twelve years is not long in the life of an institution that wants to endure over time, but it is a long time in an individual’s life, in this case my own. However, I am not tired, bored or lacking in enthusiasm. The simple fact of the matter is that it is time for someone to take over from me as the director of the Observatory. I have always believed that in such proactive and innovative projects like this one, changes in leadership are advantageous and healthy. Furthermore, they have to take place, and, when fitting, be actively sought, when the sweet taste of success is present, when things are going well and when the institution has grown up and can operate with autonomy, as is the case in question.
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New publication Paisatge, economia y empresa
The eighth edition of the collection “Plecs de Paisatge” titled Paisatge, economia y empresa, will be presented on March 9 in Barcelona. The book gathers the results of the seminar named after it, which will be held in November 2015 at the Museu Marítim in Barcelona. This has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of ATLL, Concession Collaborator of the Government. The publishing approaches the competitiveness potential and business attraction of landscape, provided that it is not trivialised and its identity is preserved.
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The border landscape of Cerdanya finally has its own map
The Border Landscape Plan of Cerdanya now has one of its key elements, the Border Landscape Map of Cerdanya. The map, which has been published on paper and also as a digital copy, is presented in Catalan and French. This map collects the main values and future strategies of the valley regarding its landscape. It is a tool that provides knowledge, action, awareness and commitment, serving as a base for future actions within the Landscape Plan.[+]
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Art and landscape transformation
An event will take place on Saturday, June 17 to address the role of art in landscape transformation processes. The event will be organised by the Landscape Observatory, LIFE Pletera and the Council of Torroella de Montgrí i L’Estartit. It will be held at the Museo del Mediterráneo in Torroella de Montgrí. The programme will be published shortly.
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Joan Nogué joins the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC)
On February 2, Joan Nogué, human geography professor at the University of Girona and director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, acting as a member of the Section of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the IEC, gave the opening speech called "El paisatge, entre el subjecte i l’objecte" (Landscape, Between the Subject and the Object). The speech was answered by María Dolores Garcia Ramon, member emeritus of the Section of Philosophy and Social Sciences.
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Presentation of the funding guide to support the European Landscape Convention
Last March 24, within the framework of the Conference of the European Landscape Convention, the updated funding guidelines to support the implementation of the European Landscape Convention was presented. The document describes how to obtain funding in Europe to support initiatives, projects and research related to landscape. The document has been written by Dirk Gotzamnn, director of CIVILSCAPE.
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RCR Arquitectes are awarded the 2017 Pritzker Prize
Integration on site, a complete re-definition of the relationship between the user and nature, with their own body, with intimacy, with natural rhythms, the consideration of the city as a landscape. These are some of the concepts that have led the team at RCR Arquitectes to achieve the Pritzker Prize of this year.
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Seminar on monastic landscapes
The second seminar of the cycle Armonie composte, Monastery and territory: spiritual and spatial peripheries, will take place next May. Praglia Abbey and Padua University have come together to organise the second seminar aimed at improving knowledge on monastic landscapes and, specifically, on the Benedictine land planning and management system. Answering the challenging questions that were asked at the first Seminar of the Armonie composte cycle, titled Constructed landscapes, landscapes in art, this second meeting will explore the theme of “periphery” in the sense of the outer edge of urban settlements.
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2017 Action Plan of the Chair of Citizen Participation and Valencian Landscape
The Chair of Citizen Participation and Valencian Landscape starts its 2017Action Plan with two projects that are aimed at promoting knowledge and creating awareness on landscape matters. These two projects, “Atlas Mental de los Paisajes Valencianos” and  “Mapa de Miradores y Puntos de Observación del Paisaje” are based on perceptual and evaluation knowledge of the Valencian landscapes through citizen participation.
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New guide for the preparation of landscape integration studies in the Basque Country
The Guía para la elaboración de Estudios de Integración Paisajística en la Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco was approved on February 15 of 2017. In 2009, the Basque Government agreed their accession to the European Landscape Convention. Decree 90/2014 on protection, management and landscape planning of the Basque Country’s territorial planning was born within this context. This decree set forth the creation of Landscape Integration Studies as an instrument for land planning.
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Valley of the River Cuervo. Case study of the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV)
The projects for 2016-2017 on the Les Valls del Riu Corb, which are part of the subject Cultural Landscapes, can now be consulted in seminar format. The subject is held by the Department of Urbanism and Land Planning of the ETSAV. The subject’s website also offers the possibility of checking the projects presented in other course editions.
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IX Congress on Dry Stone
On October 20, 21 and 22, the IX Meeting on Preservation Studies of the Heritage of Dry Stone will take place in Mura, El Pont de Vilomara i Rocafort and Talamanca. The value of the tines in the middle of the vineyard, so unique and characteristic of the municipalities that form the Valls del Montcau, will be showcased during the event. The Landscape Observatory is part of the scientific committee and is participating in the organisation of the meeting.
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International conference of landscape observatories
More than 100 representatives of 15 different countries took part in the conference of landscape observatories that took place the past February in Amersfoort (Holland). The presentations and photographs of the act can now be seen on the website of the Landscape Observatory of the Netherlands.
Selected funding opportunities to support the implementation of the European Landscape Convention

Guide of the Council of Europe on how to finance landscape-related projects, actions and research

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Corporación Cultura de Paisaje en Chile
This is an autonomous non-profit organisation, exclusively dedicated to the development of valuation and preservation of landscapes in Chile.
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Hercules Project
The project’s objective is to strengthen public and private stakeholders in order to sustainably protect and manage cultural landscapes, which have an important social, economic, historical, natural and archaeological value, at a local, national and pan-European level.
Paesaggi in movimento: per un'estetica della trasformazione
Venturi Ferriolo, Massimo. Roma: Deriveapprodi, 2017. ISBN: 978-88-6548-170-7.

The author travels along, suggesting deep reflections on landscape transformations through short chapters that seem like independent studies. However, they are joined together by philosophical thinking.
Atlas of the Dutch Urban Landscape
Rutte, Reinout; Evert Abrahamse, Jaap (eds). Bussum: Thoth Publishers, 2016. ISBN: 978-90-6868-690-6.

This publication is a complete synthesis of the territorial development of the Netherlands of the last millennium. Through maps, photographs and graphics, it clearly depicts the growth, stagnation and decline of the Dutch cities, locating them in an international context.
Le plan de paysage, agir pour le cadre de vie
París: Ministère de l'Environnement, de l'Énergie et de la Mer, 2016.

This document explains the landscape plans of France, what their objectives are and which sectors are involved. This tool, promoted by the Government, is aimed at valuating the landscapes and adding them to the sectorial policies of territorial planning and management and urbanism.
La Garrotxa Volcanic Field of Northeast Spain. Case Study of Sustainable Volcanic Landscape Management
Planagumà, Llorenç; Martí, Joan (eds.). Cham: Springer, 2017. ISBN: 978-3-319-42078-3.

This book suggests non-specialised public a journey through the history and landscape of the Natural Park located in the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa. It is comprised of nine chapters, which have been drawn up by experts in different areas.
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