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70. July-Septembre 21
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Putting everyday landscapes into play

Anna Lambertini
Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Università degli Studi in Florence

There’s an expression in Italian, mettere in gioco, which translates as “put into play”. Beyond its primary acceptance as applicable to the world of sports and games, it is also used with the meaning of “put to work”, or “cause to act”; and it can also mean “put up for stake” or “call into question”. The semantic range of the expression is especially interesting when considered from the point of view of design and what we put into play when we experiment with instruments and processes for the transformation and reinvention – in visu or in situ – of everyday landscapes. [+]
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Art and the Reinvention of Spaces. The International Seminar on Creative Landscapes returns
Creative Landscapes: Art and the Reinvention of Spaces, an international seminar organised by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and Pompeu Fabra University, took place online on 16 and 17 June 2021. Three hundred people from a wide range of countries attended the two-day event on artistic creation and its relationship with the landscape. The event included proposals and reflections that looked at art and culture as a stimulus for territorial transformation, activation and knowledge. Videos of the seminar are available to view here.
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The Urban Landscape and Local Perspective course comes to a close
The ever popular (it was not only full, there was a long waiting list to boot!) Urban Landscape and Local Perspective: Intermediate Landscape Valorisation and Intervention course, jointly organised by the Landscape Observatory and Barcelona Provincial Council, finished on 10 June. The course drew on a range of case studies, tools and methodologies to explore new forms of management, planning and treatment of the urban landscapes in the Barcelona province from a local perspective. Landscape policies and tools offer an alternative way of looking at and managing urban landscapes in order to improve urban quality, citizen well-being, and local promotion and revitalisation.
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The Observatory joins the Rural Agenda for Catalonia Development Committee
The Rural Initiatives Association of Catalonia (ARCA), the Catalan Association of Municipalities (ACM), the Association of Micro-villages of Catalonia and the Sustainable Development Advisory Council (CADS) have been commissioned by the Government of Catalonia’s Interdepartmental Commission on Rural Depopulation to produce the document that will form the basis of the Rural Agenda for Catalonia. Following an initial phase, during which contributions were collected from 282 individuals and organisations, work on drafting the document, which will be structured into areas of thematic and territorial debate, began in June. The Rural Agenda for Catalonia will serve as the reference document that defines the local and rural development strategies to be implemented in Catalonia over the coming years, and the Landscape Observatory has been invited to join the Development Committee.
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Promotion of the DO Pla de Bages landscape as a strategic asset
The DO Pla de Bages wine-growing region and the El Bages Regional Council are conscious of the need to capitalise on the DO's inclusion in the Central Catalonia Geopark and the recent listing of the art of dry stone walling as a piece of Intangible Cultural Heritage as elements of unique added value for the wine producing landscape of El Bages. As such, they are working to develop a set of strategic guidelines to promote their wine landscape and ensure its effective management, while simultaneously seeking to secure the cooperation and commitment of all relevant public and private stakeholders. The document, which is being developed in conjunction with the Landscape Observatory, will help to define the key areas and actions required to maintain and promote the wine producing landscape of El Bages as an additional asset to boost the local economy and raise awareness among residents and visitors about its significance as part of the local identity.
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The Majorcan Council commits to allocating 10% of all public works' budget to landscape integration
The Majorcan Council has agreed to set aside a minimum of 10% of the budget allocated to public works for road infrastructure and facilities developed on rural land for landscape integration. This initiative, which will come into effect sometime in the next year, is a directive set out in the Majorcan Council's Landscape Strategy, which was approved on 14 February 2019. The directive forms part of the Strategy’s objective to include landscape as a consideration within any relevant sector policies or instruments affecting the landscape.
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The Regional Government of Galicia has published its manual on environmental and landscape integration in land consolidation
The Regional Government of Galicia’s Ministry for Rural Environment has developed a landscape integration manual (Manual para la integración ambiental y paisajística de la reestructuración parcelaria) for land consolidation processes that works to reduce fragmentation without altering the characteristic elements of the Galician rural landscape. The manual seeks to fulfil three objectives: to facilitate the work carried out by the relevant professionals, to ensure optimum landscape integration and to improve the productivity and profitability of the region’s agricultural land.
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Tarragona City Council approves a motion for the protection and promotion of dry stone wall structures
In its Ordinary Meeting held on 19 March 2021, Tarragona City Council agreed to conduct an inventory of the municipality’s dry stone structures and subsequently develop a plan for the protection of its rural and landscape heritage assets to ensure the conservation of the listed and catalogued dry stone wall structures as part of the city of Tarragona’s local cultural heritage. The Council also agreed to implement actions to publicise and promote the value of these heritage assets through the development of a signposted route.
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Artistic project of 3rd ESO students 'Sound and Noise'
Third-year students from the Escola Pia senior school in Olot have been studying the concepts of sound and noise throughout the year as part of their art and physical education classes, learning about city soundscapes and noise pollution and using the sound map tool. As a result, they have developed a sound tour of Olot featuring two sound maps: one a collection of sounds from key places around the city and the other a comparison of two local neighbourhoods.
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Newly published ETSAV cultural landscapes projects
The projects produced by the students on the Cultural Landscapes: Landscape Document, Landscapes of Memory course, organised by the ETSAV Faculty of Urban and Territorial Planning, are now available to view. The course focuses on projects related to the culture and development of natural values, the configuration of heritage landscapes, and those that serve to promote the integrated local development of cities and regions. A selection of projects from previous years are also available on the website.
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Borja Ballbé donates a selection of his photographs to the Image Archive
The photographer Borja Ballbé has donated almost 500 examples of his work to the Observatory’s Image Archive. The photographs of contemporary landscapes in Catalonia were taken as part of a range of projects spanning his career. Borja Ballbé, who specialises in architectural and landscape photography, has been involved in a number of collaborations with the Landscape Observatory and the Image Archive over the course of the years. Work has already begun on cataloguing the photographs, a selection of which can be seen in the image gallery. [+]
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Landscape research scholarship from the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
For the seventh consecutive year, the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche is now accepting applications for two six-month research scholarships related to the subject areas of Landscape Project and Nature and Garden, respectively. Interested parties must be under the age of 40 and have until 31 August to submit their projects. The scholarship will run from 15 January 2022 to 15 July 2022. Find out more here.
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The Cali Heritage Community Observatory project
The Cali Heritage Community Observatory (Colombia) is an initiative of the Cultural Landscape Stewards of Santiago de Cali group. The Observatory aims to act as an interdisciplinary, multisector and technical discussion and meeting space to promote the exchange of information, analysis and collective knowledge development in relation to the natural and cultural heritage of the municipality of Santiago de Cali.
Territoris pel Paisatge
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Regional agreement on the implementation of renewable energies in El Priorat
For more than twenty years, the region of El Priorat has been committed to the implementation of its own regional development model based on small-scale agriculture, respectful tourism and the values of the agricultural landscape mosaic. In 2019, this process culminated in the adoption of the El Priorat Landscape Management System, which is supported by the local administrative bodies and public and private entities in the El Priorat region. In this context, the regional council and the Council of Mayors have unanimously signed a regional agreement for the implementation of a renewable energy plan, promoted by the Priority association, which also includes the support of 1,900 affiliate members from both inside and outside the region. The agreement outlines the need for effective local strategies to help meet the renewable energy targets set by the European Union for 2030, which must be implemented with the consensus of local stakeholders in line with social participation, landscape, agricultural and territorial balance criteria, with the aim of creating a self-sufficient, decentralised energy model that includes citizen participation.
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Land Art Mongolia LAM 360º
LAM 360° is a biennial art festival held in Mongolia. It focuses on land art as a form of spatial visualisation of the relationships between nature, culture and social policy. Now in its sixth year, the 2021 festival will run from 17 July to 24 September.
Arxiu d'Imatges Borja Ballbé donation
Borja BallbéBorja BallbéBorja Ballbé
Borja BallbéBorja BallbéBorja Ballbé
Borja BallbéBorja BallbéBorja Ballbé
Linee nel paesaggio
Fabio Manfredi.  [S.l.]: Libria, 2020. ISBN: 978-88-67642298.

The lines represent landscape projects in their most essential form. The landscape, in turn, is the mediation zone between space and the time it takes to "walk it”, between culture and nature; it is the point of conciliation between environmental needs, culture and art. The book was launched by Landscape Observatory director Pere Sala on 30 June.
83.908 Passes
Llorenç Ugas i Rita Andreu. Caldes de Montbui: Museu d’Art de Sabadell; Ajuntament de Sabadell, 2021. ISBN: 978-84-945845-6-5.

The publication is the result of the author’s experience of walking the boundaries of the Cap de Creus Natural Park. Rather than describing the place, Llorenç Ugas focuses on capturing the sensations felt during the 83,908 steps it took him to journey through the landscape.
Criterios para la elaboración de guías de paisaje cultural
Sílvia Fernández Cacho (ed.). Sevilla: Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico, 2021. Available here.

The publication aims to serve as a useful reference tool for those interested in and/or tasked with the responsibility of preserving the cultural and natural assets of their landscapes in line with principles of sustainability and participatory governance.
Sítio Roberto Burle Marx
Andrey Rosenthal [et. al.]. São Paulo: Intermuseus; Rio de Janeiro: Sítio Roberto Burle Marx, 2020. ISBN: 978-65-990825-0-4. Available here.

The book includes extensive photographic material and articles by a range of experts from the fields of architecture, landscaping and visual arts that look back at the achievements of Burle Marx, as well as his work as an artist and landscape painter, and describe the history and characteristics of this vibrant and unique site.
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