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67. October-December 20
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Cultivating continuity of the European Landscape

Tessa Matteini
Uniscape Director

UNISCAPE, a network of European Universities, was founded in Florence in 2008 to advance European Landscape Convention goals and principles in Higher Education teaching and research.

UNISCAPE brings together numerous Schools providing professionals and researchers with specific expertise in the protection, management, planning and design of landscape based on various disciplines and approaches and fosters collaboration among Universities at an international level between the diverse fields of landscape-oriented studies. [+]
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Course ‘Landscape from the local scale. Management, organisation and valorisation of open spaces'
The goal of this online course, organised by the Landscape Observatory with the support of Girona Provincial Council, is to train local government policymakers and technical staff in landscape planning, management and valorisation, exploring new forms of intervention and management in open spaces, with a focus on urban planning, promotion of local activities, tourism and the management of natural areas and heritage. The course consists of 6 sessions and will be given during November. [+]
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The summary of the ‘LANDSCAPE/kW' seminar has been published
The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, the Institute for the Development and Promotion of L’Alt Pirineu i Aran (IDAPA) and the Pirineus.watt association organised the seminar ‘Landscape/kW. Meanings and values of hydroelectric power landscapes’, which was held in Tremp in March 2019. Now, with contributions from experts, researchers, academics, specialists and social agents from the Pyrenees, the seminar's contents have been summarised in this document, offering a transversal, multifaceted vision encompassing these landscapes' many dimensions: energy, heritage, aesthetics, territorial, economic, urban and tourism, among others. You can read it in full here.
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The Observatory is a member of the international Expert Committee that will advise on the future Latin American Landscape Convention
The Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI) has spearheaded the "Toward a Latin American Landscape Convention" process, jointly with a number of Latin American institutions, universities and organisations, inviting Latin American society (civil society, entities, associations, political representatives, educational institutions, etc.) to contribute to the document's text. The draft Agreement, which has now been opened to public participation, is the result of six years' work by law practitioners, experts and NGOs. The Landscape Observatory is a member of the Expert Committee that will evaluate the contributions received and give an opinion.

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UNISCAPE's annual Conference reflects on the future challenges facing the European Landscape Convention
Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the signature of the European Landscape Convention on 20 October 2000, UNISCAPE held its annual conference on 16 and 17 October last with the goal of exploring the Convention's future challenges. With the title "Cultivating Continuity of the European Landscape. New Challenges for the ELC", the Conference included three thematic sessions: landscape policies and governance; landscape design and time; observing landscape; and also a special session devoted to agricultural and forestry heritage. The Landscape Observatory's director, Pere Sala, is a member of the Conference's Scientific Committee and gave the opening lecture for the session "Observing landscape", with the title "The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia: A journey of fifteen years". Here are some results of the Conference.
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20th anniversary of the European Landscape Convention
The European Landscape Convention -also known as the Florence Convention, promoted by the Council of Europe and approved on 20 October 2000, he has turned twenty. It promotes the protection, management and planning of European landscapes and organizes international cooperation in the field of landscape. The Convention has been signed and ratified by forty Council of Europe countries, and has been a real turning point for many institutions in the implementation of landscape policies. It entered into force in Spain in March 2008. The Catalan Parliament signed its adherence to the Convention in December 2005, two months after its approval in Florence.
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'Landscape' in the Vers project by Arquitecturia
Vers consists of a series of conversations to reflect on issues that are currently of creative interest. The landscape has been and still is a major source of inspiration and narrative in art. In this fifth chapter of the Arquitecturia project, Oriol Villar, Nandu Jubany, Olga Felip, Bibiana Ballbè and Pere Sala (director of the Observatory) talk about landscape. Does the landscape define people? Or is it people who define the landscape? You can find all the material related to this part of the project here.
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Landscape week in Majorca
The Department of Territory of the Consell de Mallorca (Government of the Mallorca island) organized from 19 to 24 October "Landscape Week", with several sessions of debate with the landscape as the protagonist, making it coincide with the twentieth European Landscape Convention. The sessions combined face-to-face and online. The director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia was invited to take part in the inaugural session, dedicated to the application of the European Landscape Convention and landscape observatories. During the Landscape Week, fifty initiatives were also announced that the new Landscape Observatory of Mallorca is planning to promote, involving different areas and sectors of the Consell de Mallorca, such as Roads, Environment, Heritage and Tourism. One of the most important is to promote a Landscape Law.
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Dry Stone Week in the Catalan-Speaking Regions
It is a week to organise and promote dry stone-related activities in the Catalan-speaking regions, highlighting the art of building with dry stone, existing heritage and the dense network of entities, groups and volunteers who preserve and disseminate knowledge and maintain dry stone structures in Catalonia. The Week will run from 23 to 29 November 2020 to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the declaration by UNESCO of the dry stone technique as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. All of the activities can be found in an online planner and on a locations map, and the deadline for including new activities closes on Thursday, 19 November. All information at www.collaboraxpaisatge.cat.
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Llegim paisatges
The project proposes a route, from north to south, that takes in the most significant house museums of Valencian writers. Territory and literature exploit mutual synergies: while the houses provide the incentive for becoming acquainted with literary works, literature helps us discover and read about specific territories and landscapes.
Arxiu d'Imatges Water landscapes
Jordi BasJordi GrauAlbert Carreras
Observatori del PaisatgeMarc GarciaGuillem Vidal
Carlos CorullónJordi BasJordi Grau
Refotografia del paisatge de la serra de Tramuntana
Mallorca: Direcció Insular de Territori i Paisatge. Departament de Territori del Consell de Mallorca, 2020.

A landscape study, based on photographic comparison, that highlights the evolution and transformation undergone by the landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana (Majorca) in the last five decades. Twenty locations have been selected and a landscape analysis has been written for each one.
Gestão, conservação e promoção de áreas protegides: diálogos ibero-brasileiros
Ricardo Nogueira Martins; Suzane Bevilacqua Marcuzzo. [Online book]. Laboratório da Paisagem. ISBN: 978-989-33-0603-1.

A compendium produced after the 'Ibero-Brazilian Workshop on Protected Areas' held in 2019, in which authors from different disciplines analyse the strategies and identify strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats for adequate territorial planning in protected areas. Available here.
Libro Memoria Segundo Simposio internacional Pensar y Sentir el Paisaje
Mónica Morales, Mónica Palma, Ricardo Riveros (comp.). [Online book]. [S.l.]: La Iniciativa Latinoamericana del Paisaje LALI; Corporación Patrimonio y Paisaje, 2019. ISBN: 978-956-401-749-5.

The publication compiles the proceedings of the second international seminar Pensar y sentir el Paisaje (Think and feel the landscape), held in 2019 in Chile. This seminar focused on finding new agreements between Latin American civil society, states and private enterprise with respect to landscape.

Concept of the Landscape Policy of Slovenia
Ljubljana: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning; Slovenian Association of Landscape Architects, 2020. ISBN: 978-961-94341-5-4.

The Slovenian Landscape Policy is a collection of harmonised, well-connected actions developed from prior undertakings (which makes it an expression of political will) to respect the values of the local population and international commitments and, above all, to meet the broad range of needs of Slovenian society with respect to effective landscape protection, planning and management. Available here.
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