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65. April-June 20
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

15th anniversary of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Maguelonne Déjeant-Pons
Executive Secretary of the European Landscape Convention Council of Europe

The global health crisis we are experiencing means that the fifteenth anniversary of the creation of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia is taking place in special and unprecedented circumstances. Even so, birthdays are always a good excuse to reflect on the road ahead and what we have yet to do.[+]

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The Document 'Roads, Landscape and Tourism' that explores a model for roads of landscape interest is now available
The document – the result of collaboration between the Directorate General for Tourism of the Catalan Ministry of Business and Knowledge, and the Landscape Observatory – considers a new perspective and a new model for Catalonia that will strengthen the relationship between roads, the landscape and tourism. It can be consulted here.
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New Publication. The Catŕleg de paisatge de les Comarques Centrals
The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and the Catalan Ministry of Territory and Sustainability had published the Landscape Catalogue of the Comarques Centrals. It is the sixth catalogue to be published in book form thanks to an agreement signed with Barcelona Provincial Council . It can be consulted here.
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Postponement of the 2nd Biennial Seminar on Landscape and Image: Videogames
The seminar, organized by the Girona City Council Image Research and Dissemination Centre with the collaboration of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies, which was scheduled to take place in Girona in May, has been postponed. We will keep you informed.
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New Section
This section has been created with the goal of shaping a new look at renewable energy and opens with a Report on General Guidelines for Introducing Photovoltaic Installations in Catalonia prepared by the Landscape Observatory. It also contains a compilation of the existing guidelines on best practice regarding renewable energy facilities worldwide, as well as links to conferences organized by the Observatory on this subject.[+]
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Postponement of the International Conference Walking Art and Relational Geographies
The event, organized by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio and Clara Garí (Nau Côclea) and that it would take place in Girona, Olot and Vic this July, it has been postponed until further notice. The conference aimed to create a dialogue between theory and practice in which walking becomes an instrument of territorial and landscape connection, a cartographic tool and a format for creative expression. The Observatory collaborates in it with the universities of Girona and Vic, various artistic entities, and the administrations of the three cities.
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An Observatory for Crete's Rural Landscapes
The Rural Crete Observatory: Towards a Renaissance of the Rural Areas International Scientific Conference was held at the Cultural and Conference Center of Heraklion (Crete, Greece) on 14 February 2020. It was organized by the Ploigos Association for Education and Development and the Technical University of Crete. The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia was invited to participate and its director, Pere Sala, gave a presentation on “The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia. Projects Related to Rural Landscapes”.
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Publication of the Stewardship Inventory 2019 by the XCN
 The Catalan network Xarxa per a la Conservació de la Natura  (XCN), has just published the Stewardship Inventory 2019, a report compiling the stewardship initiatives, both public and private, existing in Catalonia. The data shows the relevance of stewardship initiatives for the conservation of protected natural spaces as well as habitats and species of community interest of Catalonia. There are currently 700 stewardship initiatives in Catalonia, covering a surface area equivalent to the Maresme region.
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Conference proceedings of the International Congress 'Agua, Paisaje y Ciudadanía ante el Cambio Global'
The book includes the presentations made at the Water, Landscape and Citizenship in the face of Global Change Congress, held in Seville from 14 to 16 March 2019, within the framework of the 22nd Council of Europe Meeting of Workshops for the implementation of the Landscape Convention, and the Commemorative Activities of the 25th Anniversary of the Mediterranean Landscape Charter, approved in Seville in April 1992, that served as the basis for the European Convention.
Territoris pel Paisatge
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Updates of Landscape Charters and Plans
In recent years, the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia has collected, classified and arranged the latest updates relating to Landscape Charters and Landscape Plans existing in Catalonia. They can all be found on the "Landscape and the Local perspective” website, together with a selection of information and salient experiences regarding the promotion of landscape at the local level.
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Participate in the 'Territoris pel Paisatge' Network
The 'Territoris pel Paisatge' (Territories for Landscape) Network is a forum for discussion, exchange, and collective work for the different local landscape management and planning initiatives carried out in Catalonia. Follow the link to the foundation document “Territories for Landscape. Landscape Planning and Management Initiatives at the Local Level in Catalonia”. If you would like to join the Territories for Landscape Network, please contact any of the various initiatives or the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia.
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Created with a very specific goal: to help, through photography, to build/strengthen, global awareness of the different challenges we face as a society in relation to the territory and landscape, this platform, initiative of the photographer Borja Ballbé, brings together artistic projects with educational content in order to take this reflection to a wide section of society in the easiest and most comprehensible manner possible.
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Arquitectura catalana
The website of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia places Catalonia’s architectural heritage from 1832 within everyone’s reach.

This digital space dedicated to modern and contemporary Catalan architecture has been devised with the goal of making architecture more accessible both for professionals and for society as a whole through a website that will be updated and extended to include contemporary works of considerable general interest.
Arxiu d'Imatges Landscape from home
Sheila SánchezBet CarbonellEduard Roura
Juliette LemerleŔngela LlopJúlia Viejobueno
Jaume Parera. Caldes de Montbui: La Bibliogràfica, 2019. ISBN: 978-84-09-16698-5.

A photo book in which the central project focuses on an area occupied by the biggest residential urban agglomeration in the Iberian Peninsula hidden behind the woods in the Tenes Valley. The author presents a singular view of our natural environment contrasted with the urbanized and post-industrial areas.
Un laboratorio internazionale di progettazione del paesaggio. 5 esperienze di parchi fluviali urbani
Daniela Colafranceschi, Vincenzo Gioffrè (ed.). Canterano: Aracne Editrice, 2019. (Fare Paesaggi = Making Landscape; 6). ISBN: 978-88-255-2697-4.

This publication contains five research and design initiatives on landscape with an interdisciplinary approach that aim to stimulate debate and promote the integration of knowledge.
Els jardins de la industrialització al Ter
Pere Casas i Trabal [et al.]. Barcelona: mNACTEC i Rafael Dalmau, 2019. ISBN: 978-84-232-0849-4.

This book analyses the cultural and historical context that witnessed a proliferation of gardens in the industrial complexes on the banks of the Ter river. The businessmen and investors in these gardens were promoting a symbolic occupation of the territory. And gardens played an important part in it.
Religion und landschaft
Bonn: Bund Heimat und Umwelt, 2013. ISBN: 978-3-925374-31-9.

This publication attempts to draw attention to the landscape and Germany’s religious cultural heritage, both material and nonmaterial. It shows how religions, above all the Christian religion, express themselves in the landscape.
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