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59. October-December 18
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

The Cerros, City Catalysers

Diana Wiesner Ceballos
Architect, founder and Director of the Fundación Cerros de Bogotá

I am an observer living in a mountain tropical megacity - Bogota, which is 2,600 metres above sea level, a characteristic shared by very few cities around the world. Its cerros, or the hills of its mountain reserve, have become catalysts of the landscape and have created social transformations that provide greater encouragement than the inaugurations of infrastructures, as they fulfil a greater objective: to engender and multiply the spiritual value of the landscape. [+]
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Refuge Landscapes, a new seminar
The Landscape Observatory has organized the conference day Refuge Landscapes, which will be held in Crypt of the Colonia Güell (Santa Coloma de Cervelló. Barcelona) on for 13 December. In a tired and hurried world, where noise is always present, more and more people are looking for a landscape in which they can find themselves again, or in which they can simply escape. Whatever these places are, all of them act as refugee landscapes which respond to and echo values ​​that the Observatory seeks to promote. You can check the programme here.
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Landscape Photography Contest
The landscape photography competition of Catalonia organized by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and the company ATLL is open to participants until 25th of november. The theme of the event is everyday landscapes, and there are two prizes of € 1,000 and € 500 each. To participate in the contest, all submitted photographs must be uploaded to the Image Archive of the Landscape Observatory. An awards ceremony is planned for December, which will be held in Barcelona. See the competition rules here.
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New television program Paisatges encreuats
Starting in October, “Paistages encreuats” (cross landscapes), a program produced by Olot Televisió with the advice of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia , will be available on the Local Television Network. The series focuses on the different landscapes of the country from the catalogue carried out by the Observatory. Each program will present a different territory based on people who live there: through interviews, it will be able to know the natural elements, the historical evolution, the transformation of the territory, its culture or the artistic expression.
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'He caminat tots els carrers d'Olot', in book format
The presentation of the book He caminat tots els carrers d'Olot (I’ve walked all the Paths of Olot), by Clara Nubiola, will be held on 29 November. The book is a compilation of the work exhibited at Can Trincheria that ran from 10 February to 7 March 2018, and was written during her stay at the Faber Residency in Olot. It has been published by the Landscape Observatory, the Institute of Culture of the City of Olot and Faber, and will be presented at Can Trincheria (Olot) at 7.00 pm on Thursday, 29 November.
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Tenth edition of the International Landscape Biennial and Rosa Barba Prize
The 10th International Landscape Biennial, organized by the Catalan Architects Association and the UPC University, will take place in Barcelona from 25th to 29th September. The Biennial’s aim is to debate and deepen into the intervention in the landscape, both from the architectural perspective as well as from other disciplines. • This year’s slogan, “Performative nature”. During the Biennial, the Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize awarded the "Saxhóll Crater Stairway" project by Landslag ehf. The project "Linear Park Cuernavaca Railroad", by Julio Gaeta and Luby Springall, was awarded with a special mention of the international jury and also won the Public Opinion Prize.
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From planning to participatory landscape management
The Regional Landscape Observatory of Tuscany organized on October 26 in Florence the Conference "Planning for participative landscape management", with the assistance of more than one hundred people. The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia was invited to the event and explained its own. The conference debated the tools needed to promote the protection and improvement of the landscape from the community's participation, and explored the landscape observatories as tools for participatory and continuous management of the landscape. The conference also discussed about a future network of local landscape observatories.
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The Educational Project on Heritage and Landscape
¡Aprendo con el patrimonio y sus paisajes! (Learn about our Heritage and Landscapes) and ¡Descubre el patrimonio y sus paisajes! (Discover our Heritage and its Landscapes) are two publications that emerged from the educational project that was created as part of the 2017 European Heritage Days. It was created as an initiative of the Historical Heritage Service of the Government of Navarra to educate primary and secondary school pupils in Navarra about heritage.
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Landscape and Education in the Council of Europe Workshop
The theme of the most recent congress for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention, which was held on the 3rd and 4th of October in Tropea (Italy), was "Landscape and Education". The aim of the meeting was to present experiences of public policies that have been adopted or developed in relation to landscape education. The Observatory attended the congress.
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The Osservatorio Regionale per il Paesaggio e il Terrritorio della Basilicata and the Landscape Observatory have signed an agreement
The Regional Observatory for the Landscape and the Territory of Basilicata and the Landscape Observatory have signed a cooperation agreement that forms part of the European Landscape Convention. The partnership is aimed at shared fields of study and research in order to formulate and define policies for the protection and evaluation of land. The agreement was signed during a visit made on 6 September in the Olot offices of the Landscape Observatory, by a group of students from the course "Urban Policies and the Geographical Information systems of Barcelona", which was organized by the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and the UAB.
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The Penedès Landscape Catalogue in full Process of Participation
A participatory process is being carried out in order to discover the details and the perception held of the landscape of the Penedès area in order to create the Landscape Catalogue of the Penedès. During the past month of September, four diagnostic sessions have been carried out that have tackle issues related to the identification of values and the dynamics of the landscape. The four sessions were attended by representatives of local administrative bodies and several actors of the Penedès landscape have taken part. At the beginning of next year, it is planned to organize four more sessions, in this case related to the objectives and proposals proposed by the catalog.
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Videos of 'Roads in the Landscape' seminar now available
In May, the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Mobility, and the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, organised the seminar “Roads in the Landscape”. The event, which was filmed on video, analysed a series of infrequently considered aspects of roads and landscape. The videos are available to watch here.
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Fred Guillaud the new photographer in Observatory website
Fred Guillaud is the new photographer who illustrates the cover of the Landscape Observatory website. Born in France in 1973, he is a photographer, architect and teacher who lives since 2000 in Barcelona. Specialized publications emphasize the atmospheric banality and the visual appeal of its urban landscapes. Architecture plays a very prominent role in its work. Guillaud has more than 20,000 fans in his Instagram account.
Territoris pel Paisatge
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Work meeting on the experiences of planning and managing landscape
On 12 July 2018, the Garrigues Provincial Council and the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia organized a work session by the Landscape Territories Network at the Interpretation Centre of Rupestrian Art in Cogul. The meeting was addressed farming-area management, and people who work in this sector had been invited to attend and talk about their experiences. There were also been an opportunity to debate the network’s contents and initiatives.
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Espais agraris: caracterització dels espais agraris de Catalunya
This website is a compilation of the following reports: Espais Agraris: definició i indicadors per a la seva caracterització and Protocol metodològic per a la caracterització dels espais agraris a Catalunya. The result is a tool for assessing the agrarian areas of Catalonia, and which aims to facilitate decision-making in planning and land management. As a conclusion, the work includes a map for evaluating the value of agricultural areas.
Arxiu d'Imatges
Observatori del Paisatge de CatalunyaObservatori del Paisatge de CatalunyaObservatori del Paisatge de Catalunya
Rafael López-MonnéFrancesc MuntadaObservatori del Paisatge de Catalunya
Observatori del Paisatge de CatalunyaObservatori del Paisatge de CatalunyaObservatori del Paisatge de Catalunya
Routledge handbook of landscape Character Assessment
Graham Fairclough, Ingrid Sarlöv Herlin, Carys Swanwick (eds.). Londres: Routledge, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-138-80388-6.

This is a co-authored book in which the authors offer an international vision of how the landscape has been treated. The two main methods that are described are Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and Historical Landscape Characterization (HLC), which were first applied in the United Kingdom. Other methods used in Europe and other countries are also described in order to achieve similar purposes.
Paisaxe e patrimonio: un percorrido polo territorio a través do Arquivo de Galicia
Concepción García, María del Mar García (coord.). Santiago de Compostela: Xunta de Galicia, Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria, 2017. ISBN: 978-84-453-5275-5.

The catalogue of an exhibition of the same name that in addition to compiling the 120 exhibited photographs, includes ten articles by professionals from different fields that describe their vision of the landscape.
Piano progetto paesaggio. Urbanistica e recupero del bene comune
Massimo Angrilli. Milà: FrancoAngeli, 2018. ISBN: 978-88-917-7061-5.

The book is based on the idea that urban planning plays an essential role in the recovery of damaged landscapes through urban plans and projects capable of recovering the idea of the land from a functional, quantitative and morphological-qualitative dimension.
El verde más secreto
Carlos Pellegrino. Buenos Aires: Yaugurú, 2017. ISBN: 978-9974-719-92-7.

A posthumous work by Carlos Pellegrino, who was a poet, landscape artist and agronomist, among other pursuits. The book is a collection of some of the poems and texts written by the author, who together with Leandro Silva founded the Latin American Landscape Union.
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