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50. July-Septembre 16
Quarterly Newsletter of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Road and transport landscape. Intangible heritage of industrial society

Jaume Perarnau i Llorens
Director of the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC)

Heritage thought, created and used by industrial society was to become full, towards the end of the twentieth century in an identity reference. This in respect of contemporary society, together with heritage and the landscape that gives shelter and is mutually conditioned and determined. [...]
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Next session: Ordinary landscapes, heritage and civil society
On Friday, 8 July, 2016, in Terrasa, at the headquarters of the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia a session on Ordinary landscapes, heritage and civil society will be held, organized by the Landscape Observatory in conjunction with the museum. [+]
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New publication: Landscape, Heritage and Water
The new book from the collection "Plecs de Paisatge" entitled Paisatge, patrimoni i aigua. La memòria del territori which includes all papers from the homonymous seminar held in October 2014, has already seen the light. The publication is an edition of the Landscape Observatory with the collaboration of ATLL concession company of the Government of Catalonia. [+]
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Competencies in planning and landscape management at local level in Catalonia
The Landscape Observatory has found that in recent years the interest of the local world of Catalonia towards the landscape is continuing to increase. For this reason it has been thought appropriate to organize a working session, held on 18 May, with two main purposes: first, to learn more about the ongoing experiences and people that drive and manage this and, secondly, to put the opportunities and challenges in each case on the table, through an open, rigorous and calm debate. [+]
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Landscape Management Plan of Priorat-Montsant-Siurana
In 2014 the candidacy "Priorat-Montsant-Siurana, Agricultural landscape of mediterranean mountain" for the World Heritage of UNESCO was registered in the Indicative List of Spain. Since 2015, the Landscape Observatory is working with the Regional Council of the Priorat, the Council of Tarragona and the Association Priorat, the promoters of the Candidacy, in drafting the Landscape Management Plan, an essential document for the candidacy to be inscribed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
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Presentation of Making Landscape award
On 8 June last the Making Landscape award was presented in Trento. The jury, chaired by the director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, Joan Nogué, chose as winners of three categories: the Municipality of Ostanes (Piedmont Region); the project "Nordic Ski Centre Planica" by the company Akka Ljubljana (Slovenia), and Ordine degli Architetti from the Province of Cuneo.  [+]
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The videos of the session on micropueblos are already available on the web
The conference The Microvillages: landscape, urbanism and territorial identity organized by the Observatory in collaboration with the Association of Mircropueblos of Catalonia, was held on 15 April, 2016 in Sant Miquel de Campmajor. You can access the video recording of the seminar by clicking here. [+]
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VII national meeting of the Argentinian Landscape Network
Last May, the VII national meeting of the Argentinian Landscape Network and Latin American Landscape Initiative Meeting was held, which brought together professionals from various disciplines for three days to discuss the productive landscape and the legal framework of the landscape. The Law on Landscape conservation and management of Argentina was outlined and strategies to advance the drafting of a Latin American landscape convention. You can consult a summary here.
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Agricultural areas. Definition and indicators for characterization
The Rural World Foundation has published Espais Agraris. Definició i indicadors per a la seva caracterització, which is the result of consensus amongst experts participating in the Working Group of agricultural areas, including Joan Nogué, director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia. The document will facilitate the characterization of the agricultural areas in urban planning from its identification. [+]
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The landscape at the Symposium with regard to Undeveloped Land
The Girona Demarcation of the Architects Association of Catalonia organizes a symposium on undeveloped land, which will be held during the month of October 2016. The aim is to consider the open spaces of land and find new approaches regarding the management of non-developable land. The symposium will focus on two specific themes: "Operations and newly built properties" and "Landscape". The Landscape Observatory will collaborate on this second issue.
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Aragon already has a new landscape map
A new landscape map of Aragon has been submitted, namely for the regional province of Teruel. Landscape maps are descriptive, analytical and prospective documents identifying the landscapes of different areas of Aragon, its values ​​and the conservation status. They furthermore, analyze their characteristics and propose quality objectives.

Paysages, tous acteurs

Publication of the results of the seminar about landscape organised by the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Land and Housing of the Loire Country (January 2014, Angers)

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Space for reflection and critical discussion on the transformation of the Chilean landscape.
Everybody Needs Good Neighbours
Blanch, Arnau. Barcelona: RM; La Caixa, 2015. ISBN: 978-84-617-3401-6.

The work is a photographic project of a particular territory, Vilobí d'Onyar, a municipality surrounded by infrastructure that makes it a territory taken apart where tunnels, embankments, bridges and fences form a new landscape.
Le musical
Piveteau, Vincent (dir.). Carnets du Paysage. Arles: Actes Sud; École nationale supérieure de paysage, núm. 28, automne 2015. ISBN: 978-2-330-05633-9.

This issue of Carnets du paysage talk sample of the landscape, is now not only viewable, but is also audible. The publication suggests that the world is a vast landscape--the musical composition of which we, only in part, are the authors.
Le foreste dei meli selvatici del Tien Shan = The wild apple forests of the Tien Shan
Barbera, Giuseppe; et al. (ed.). Treviso: Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, 2016. ISBN: 978-88-97784-95-1; 978-88-99657-06-2.

Publication of the report dedicated to the forests of apple trees Tian Shan, winners of the International Prize Carlo Scarpa 2016, which promotes the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche.
Experiencia del paisaje, movilidad y red viaria
Caballero, Juan Vicente; Domínguez, Juan José; Zoido, Florencio. Sevilla: Junta de Andalucía; Universidad de Sevilla; Centro de Estudios Paisaje y Territorio. ISBN: 978-84-8095-577-5.

This study relates, in temporal and concrete spatial terms, the mobility of the idea of ​​landscape as a "lived experience of space". You can consult here.
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