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This dossier is a directory of the main websites on initiatives, projects, institutions, research groups and other bodies linked to soundscapes in Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the world.

Landscape has been associated with the sense of sight. However, hearing, smell, taste and touch can be equally or more decisive than sight when we perceive or experience a given landscape. The sound of a place shapes its identity, and is an essential dimension of its landscape. A forest, a village square and a festival all have their own characteristic sounds which define and differentiate them from other similar environments. Soundscape can be defined as the sound (or sound environment) of a given landscape at a given time. Landscape is in a constant state of evolution; soundscapes likewise vary over the course of time, and are sometimes the reflection of one unrepeatable moment in time. The recording of sounds helps to preserve our sound heritage and to make it better known. It provides a learning resource and a way of promoting tourism, enabling us to approach and understand the environment in a new way.

Foto d'onades a la platja

The aims of the dossier are:

  1. To make soundscapes more generally known.
  2. To assemble, classify and facilitate access to the fragmented information on soundscapes around the world which is currently available on Internet.
  3. To provide a benchmark soundscape space for specialists and members of the general public.

The idea for the dossier came out of a congress jointly organised by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, Bosch and Gimpera Foundation/ University of Barcelona, and Caixa de Catalunya Department of Social Work, and held at Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture (CCCB) in November 2008. The information gathered there has since been added to, updated and adapted to a digital format. We have also included the introductory and concluding contributions from the congress.

Listening to the
voices of the world

Jordi Pigem

Drawing landscapes
in the clouds

Carme Pardo Salgado


Please note that only projects, institutions, centres and initiatives with active websites have been listed in this dossier. Unfortunately, this ruling inevitably excludes interesting information on soundscapes which cannot be accessed by Internet.

The Landscape Observatory welcomes suggestions for completing or updating the information contained in the dossier.

The dossier was complied in collaboration with Andrea Manenti and PaisatgesonorUB of the Laboratori d'Art Sonor of the University of Barcelona.

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