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PaisatgesonorUB del Laboratori d'Art Sonor of the University of Barcelona

Heterogeneous list of worldwide initiatives and projects sharing the common aim of promoting public interest in soundscapes.


Barceloneta sonora

Barceloneta Sonora is a participative artistic and anthropological research project into the sounds in the Barceloneta district. The project culminates with a sound map of the Barceloneta district as part of the Freesound projects.

Espacio sonante

This blog belongs to the journalist, Albert Murillo, who records sounds from daily life and nature, amongst others.

Mapes Sonors de la Natura

“Sound Maps of Nature” is a project which counts on the support of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) that aims to promote knowledge and interest among secondary school and sixth form college students about the natural environment and technology through working with sound. The first experience was creating a sound map of the Delta of the River Llobregat.

Sons de mar

The Laboratory of Applied Acoustics at the Universitat PolitŔcnica de Catalunya (UPC) has a research project on cetacean sound emissions and the effects of noise pollution on the marine environment.




AndalucÝa Soundscape

An online project that aims, by means of listening, to be a vehicle of knowledge, stimulation, dissemination and rediscovery of the Andalusian autonomous community, its environment and the complex structure of social relations in it, using the network as a means and space to generate, host and disseminate knowledge.

Oir para escuchar

Personal website of the sound artist, Antonio Caba, with sound creations, maps and sound landscapes, etc.

Paisaje sonoro. La contaminaciˇn ac˙stica

Educational project by the government of Andalucía to encourage student awareness through active listening to their sound environment, and to publish information on problems caused by noise pollution.


Las Cencerras: Mapas Sonoros del Ganado

Website with the results of Santiago RodrÝguez' ethnographical research on the cowbells used by shepherds on Gran Canaria Island. The cultural heritage of cowbells includes dimensions of sound and craftwork, but is unfortunately in danger of extinction.


Encuentros Iberoamericanos sobre Paisajes Sonoros

Papers from the Ibero-American Soundscape Congress. The congress was a forum for specialists from different countries and academic fields, as well as interested members of the public, to exchange ideas, experiences and methods.

Metros cuadrados de sonido

A project that arose from the netlabel philosophy, it aims to give the city sound and artistic meaning. By means of strategies including sound art, experimental music, geo-localisation and collective creation.



European Acoustic Heritage

This is the website of a European project whose objective is to discover both the continent''s soundscapes and also research which sounds create experiences and generate memories of a given place. The research has led to an exhibit, a book and seminars, amongst other work.

Sound Map of Tallin

This project consists of the research and production of a guide to the city of Tallinn from the aural point of view. Created by an interdisciplinary group (anthropologists, architects, urban planners and artists), the initial phase consists of research into the sound qualities of the urban environment, including its spaces, flows, characteristics and cultural life.

The European Soundscape Award

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has joined the Noise Abatement Societies in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom to create awareness about the impact of noise on health and to award European initiatives that can help to reduce noise pollution.


One Hundred Finnish Soundscapes

Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology initiative to select the one hundred most representative soundscapes of Finland and to examine the sound imagery of the Finish population.


Ingeos | K146: cartographie sonore autour du Taurion

Sound artist Cédric Peyronnet's blog charts work in progress on his project to map the soundscape of the River Taurion (France), with downloadable audio extracts from the recording sessions.


Tuned City

Interdisciplinary forum on the relationships between sound and space, and the communication properties of sound for innovatory practices in architecture and urbanism. The project came out of the exhibition of the same name held in Berlin in summer 2008.


Lisbon Sound Map

Control and recording work of sound territories, in particular those that are considered historical, those that have changes in their acoustic space through erosion and urban renewal of the previous urban space and finally, those that are undergoing a process of radical change.


Playing the space

A combination of artists, architects, musicians, dancers and researchers explore the environment and the urban situations composing and re-composing their rhythms and resonance. The artistic interventions start with the everyday experience of a trip, a place or a stroll, immersed in the common situation of the passers-by and the citizens.


L'essere rumoroso

Series of radio programmes transmitted by Swiss radio station Rete Due between 2006 and 2007 on the relationship between human beings and our world of sounds. The website contains the audio version of the programme as well as additional texts on the subjects discussed.


Sonic Postcards

British education project encouraging pupils to become aware of their sound environment by creating sonic Internet postcards to exchange with their classmates or with students from other schools.



British Library Sounds

Archive that has 50,000 recordings with associated documentation of large collections of unique sounds from all over the world and which covers the entire range of recorded sound: music, plays and literature, oral history, wildlife and environmental sounds.

Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment

The Bioacoustic Applications Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia is leading an international programme called “Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment (LIDO)” to apply and understand the techniques developed for the passive acoustic surveillance of resources.


Yoshiaki Nishimura, director of the Japanese firm Living World, collected sounds on his journeys around the world and pinpointed them on a map. The sound archives have also been published on CD: Travelling with Sounds.

Tactical Sound Garden

Open-source application for cultivating urban sound gardens, based on the paradigm for augmented reality. Using a WiFi-enabled device, participants can plant a sound in a given position, overlaying a virtual soundscape onto a specific urban space.

The Global Sound Map

The project started with the idea of creating a new kind of map of the city of Gothenburg (Sweden), but it is currently being extended to places and cities all over the world.

Wild Music

The Science Museum of Minnesota (USA) travelling exhibition aims to provide a fun, interactive way of exploring the properties of the sound environment. Website visitors can play with soundscape by combining and editing different sounds.


Favorite Chicago Sounds

Collaborative website designed to show unique audio portraits of Chicago and to reflect on what the inhabitants of Chicago think about the soundscape of their city.


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