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This section lists useful resources, personal websites, public policies, related companies and other curiosities: fragments from the huge nebula of interests on the subject of soundscape.


Art sonor

Blog by Josep Cerdà, a sound artist, multidisciplinary creator and researcher. His work focuses on sound, on phonographic practice, on soundscapes and on listening.

Quadern de sons

Ricard Casals Alexandri's blog contains recordings, resources, reflections, impressions and a miscellany of information on the world of sound and acoustics.



El sonido de la naturaleza

Carlos de Hita’s personal blog with several recordings and sound maps.




Site of Silence

Silence has much more to it than we realise: this website suggests ways of exploring and savouring it.


EARS (ElectroAcoustic Resource Site)

De Montfort University of Leicester (UK) has a resource platform for the field of electro-acoustic music. The website contains a section on soundscape with links and bibliographical resources.


Liminal is an association founded by architect Frances Crow and sound artist David Prior in 2003, specialising in the integration of sound and architecture for the creation of sound spaces.

Sounder city

The Greater London Authority strategy for tackling noise-related problems is an improvement policy which draws attention to the qualitative aspects of the soundscape, alongside other more traditional quantitative approaches.



Ear to the earth: a worldwide network for environmental sound art

Ear to the Earth is an international community of musicians, scientists and sound artists promoting environmental awareness through sound. They encourage artistic and research work and organise conferences, plays and installations on the subject.

Francisco Lˇpez website

The website of Francisco Lˇpez, a major figure on the sound art and experimental music scene, uses material recorded in different places of the world to create an original, iconoclastic sound universe.


Composers Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger have been working together for over twenty years exploring unpublished listening perspectives on today's world, and creating installations to change the way we hear and to re-connect us with our environment.

Soundscape Explorations

An extremely active blog that contains a directory of Internet videos related to the field of acoustic ecology.


A company based in New York and Paris offers special soundwalks in which narrators guide the listener around places in their urban landscapes, merging fiction with reality in cinematic experiences.

Urban Surround

Urban Surround is a musical and visual project, by Ferran Cruixent and Joan Carles Martorell, including several chapters which are being produced in different cities. Each chapter/city has a concrete number of "express movies" describing moments, jokes, impressions, emotions or fortuities lived during the production days.



American Michael Raphael's personal blog includes short field recordings obtained from nature, and other sounds.


Architecture student Nick Sowers' blog contains sounds collected at abandoned military bases and similar architectural ruins, as a reflection on the relationship between landscape and war.

The 4 ways sound affects us

Video of a short talk by Julian Treasure, author of Sound Business, explaining the four ways in which sound affects people's lives

Wild Sanctuary

American company with one of the largest, most varied archives of natural sound in the world, active since 1968. The 3500+ hours of recordings have commercial, research and educational uses.


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