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Collection of websites that contain information about industrial landscapes and its architecture. It must be said that it only includes information of active websites. Unfortunately, this criterion inevitably excludes some information of great interest on the subject of industrial landscapes, but which cannot be consulted from a web page.


Map of Catalonia's industrial heritage

The 150 most important assets of Catalan industrial heritage, comprising objects, buildings and intangible assets related to the processes of industrial development and manufacturing and all their associated aspects.

Novetats del Patrimoni Industrial

Blog of the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia that features articles, news and photographs on industrial heritage.

Parc Geol˛gic i Miner de la Catalunya Central

Description of the park's geological and mineral heritage, as well as its tourist attractions.



Patrimonio Industrial Arquitectˇnico

Personal blog with a significant and updated collection of press materials and a lot of other information on industrial heritage and architecture.


Digital tool for learning about the cultural and industrial heritage of the Northern Way of Saint James, from the Basque Country to Santiago de Compostela and its variations, the result of collaborative work among a network of different communities.


Laboratorio del Paisaje Industrial Andaluz

Blog of a research group with information on industrial heritage-related events and links to other blogs and websites.


Patrimonio Industrial Cantabria

Blog of a historical geography research group from Cantabria University that collects different current information on industrial heritage and links to other interesting blogs and websites.


Patrimonio histˇrico industrial de Castilla y Leˇn

Website with information on the industrial heritage of the autonomous community of Castilla y León, with an inventory of the heritage for each province.




Information on industrial heritage in Europe with a section of photographs of industrial landscapes.


L'Úvolution du paysage industriel par l'image

Study of the evolution of the French industrial landscape between the 19th and 20th centuries in pictures.

Le patrimoine industriel du Jura

Information on the industrial heritage of the Jura region in France, while paying attention to the landscape that frames it.


Industrial Photography

Industrial heritage photographs from all over Europe, with a special section on industrial landscapes.

Industrie Kultur Fotografie

Photographs and articles on industrial heritage and landscapes.

Industriekultur-Fotografie und Geschichte

Photographic tour of the iron and coal industrial heritage of the Ruhr Basin and nearby industrial areas. Includes brief descriptions and reflections on changes in the landscape.


Copper Coast Geopark

Information on this Irish geopark based on mining facilities in disuse to promote the area's natural and cultural heritage.

Industrial Heritage Ireland

Information on the industrial heritage of Ireland. Includes some tours and a bibliography.


Parco Geominerario Storico e Ambientale della Sardegna

Description of the natural and mineral heritage of the geopark on the island of Sardinia. The geopark was created with the aim of promoting sustainable development in the area.


Cornish Mining World Heritage

Mining centres of Cornwall, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Comprehensive information with maps and its own GIS, with an emphasis on how mining activity transformed the landscape.

Pennine Waterways

Group of navigable waterways of industrial origin in England. The website contains historical information, photographs and links for more information.



Terra Toxis: Post-Industrial Latent Space

Blog with a broad and diverse photographic testimony of industrial landscapes in disuse all over the world, especially forgotten urban spaces.


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