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Collection of initiatives and projects that its objective is the spreading and defense of the dry stone landscapes. It must be said that it only includes those initiatives which have an active website. Unfortunately, this criterion inevitably excludes some initiatives of great interest, but which haven’t a website.


Catàleg de construccions en pedra seca del terme municipal de Begues

An initiative of the Begues Study Centre directed to cataloguing all the dry stone constructions in the municipal district of Begues (Baix Llobregat). The web has photographs and a connection with Google Maps so that all the catalogued items can be located. This project is being carried out with the support of Fundació Territori i Paisatge of Caixa Catalunya.


“Desenvolupament rural a través del paisatge i la col·laboració ciutadana (construccions de pedra seca)”
This project aims to give value to the dry stone constructions and its landscape to promote rural development with the collaboration of citizens and civil society. It is coordinated by the Association for Integrated Rural Development of the North East of Catalonia (ADRINOC) with the advisement and technical support of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia.

Declaració de Torroella de Montgrí. Per a la defensa del patrimoni cultural de la pedra en sec

Declaration of Torroella de Montgrí (Alt Emporda) for protection of the cultural heritage of dry stone, promoted by the Fundació El Sola i Can Quintana Centre Cultural de la Mediterrania – in the context of the 2nd Study Meeting for the Preservation of the Dry Stone Heritage in Catalan Lands.

La protecció del patrimoni cultural de la pedra en sec

Memorandum resulting from the European Seminars on Dry Stone held in Tarragona on 5 and 6 July 2002.

Magazine Pedra Seca

Magazine devoted to the dissemination of dry stone constructions and activities around this theme, as developed in Catalonia, although it also deals with constructions raised in other places.

Tot un món de pedra seca

Pedagogical project for the knowledge of the dry stone heritage in Alt Empordà elaborated within the framework of the Project Col·labora X Paisatge that coordinates ADRINOC association with the support of the Landscape Observatory. It consists of 24 wood panels that explain the main types of construction of dry stone, the main techniques, materials and tools of work as well as other essential elements to understand this heritage and its importance as a backbone of our territory.




#projecteGR221 (Aula Balear)



Réseau Européen de la Pierre Sèche

The project REPS (Réseau Européen de la Pierre Sèche) arose with the intention of creating a European network which would consolidate regional cooperation for local development by means of the dry stone heritage.


Primera Pedra


Vallemaggia Pietra Viva

Project for preservation and dissemination of the stone landscapes in Vallemaggia (Maggia).




Stone upon a Stone

Ample information on the project A stone upon a stone for the recovery, dissemination, maintenance and re-evaluation of dry stone landscapes.


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