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Collection of entities and associations those take care of dry stone heritage conservancy. It must be said that it only includes those entities which have an active web. Unfortunately, this criterion inevitably excludes some entities of great interest, but which haven’t a website.


Amics de l'Arquitectura Popular

Page of the Association of Friends of Popular Architecture, working in the field of the districts of Lleida (Segria, Garrigues, Urgell, Segarra, etc.), actively devoted to the study and re-evaluation of the dry stone heritage. It offers various activities, projects and news items in this field.

Coordinadora d'Entitats per la Pedra Seca

Group assembling entities, associations and various groups with the purpose of disseminating, coordinating, exchanging and overseeing the dry stone cultural heritage of Catalonia.

Fundació el Solà (la Fatarella)

Entity which contributes to the preservation and dissemination of the cultural heritage of La Fatarella (Terra Alta), with special emphasis on dry stone constructions. It gives information on congresses, publications and training courses in this subject.

Grup de Recerca de la Pedra seca del Centre Excursionista de Castellar del Vallès



International Scientific Society for Dry Stone Interdisciplinary Study

Website of the International Scientific Society for Dry Stone Interdisciplinary Study, which has organised congresses in Europe since 1988. Among other things, it includes contact information for the society''s representatives all over the continent.




Association Pierres d'Iris

Information on the activities of the Association Pierres d'Iris (France) for the reconstruction and evaluation of dry stone.

Fédération de la Pierre Sèche

Portal of the federation that groups together the bodies devoted to studying and safeguarding dry stone in France.

Groupement de la Pierre Catalane

Maison de la Pierre Sèche à Daglan

Entity with the aim of safeguarding and preserving dry stone constructions in Daglan (France). The web has many photographs of these constructions and explains their history, the methods of construction and their current state.


Association pour la Sauvegarde des Murs de Pierres Sèches (ASMPS)

Entity which oversees the heritage of dry stone in the region of the Jura mountains.

Schweizerischen Verband der Trockensteinmaurer (SVTSM)

Portal of the Swiss Dry Stone Masonry Federation, which aims to maintain and promote dry stone constructions in the country. The website includes a section on courses and a newsletter to read about the federation''s news.


Dry Stone Walling Assotiation of Great Britain

Association which since 1968 has worked for the knowledge and preservation of the heritage in dry stone. The web contains information on courses and even competitions consisting in building walls using dry stone techniques.




Dry Stone Walls Association of Australia

Association which promotes the knowledge and evaluation of dry stone structures in Australia. The web includes research studies, itineraries and an ample photo gallery.


The Dry Stone Wall Association of Canada

Association which oversees dry stone walls in Canada, created in 2000 in Ontario.


Dry Stone Conservancy

American organisation with headquarters in Kentucky and which generally and clearly sets out the situation of dry stone constructions in the country, with special attention to the conservationist aspect.

The Stone Foundation

Page of the United States Stone Foundation, with links and information relating to the world of stone. The same foundation publishes a magazine on paper with reporting from all around the world.

The Stone Wall Initiative

Association forming part of the Natural History Museum of the State of Connecticut and promoting the valorisation, research and preservation of stone walls in the region of New England, USA.


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